Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday morning questions

Should Bush be censured?
Should Bush be impeached?
Do the Dem's look good or bad for suggesting it?
Will it help them or hurt them to suggest that if they gain power in 2006 they will impeach the President for listening to terrorists on phone?

Answers: is not clear he even did anything wrong, unlike Clinton who very clearly lied under oath (an impeachable offense).
NO...see last answer
BAD...they look like crazy, far, far, far left Liberals.
HURT...the Republicans were going to lose lots of seats maybe even control in November. If the Left continues to do stuff like this, they might only gain one or two seats and continue to be the do-nothing party.


the rhyno said...

"it is not clear he even did anything wrong"

No clear? Thats far away from not doing anything wrong. Besides, it took some time for anyone to find that Clinton had done anything.

Mike M said...

people are innocent until proven guilty in our country, Rhyno.

Unless of course you're dealing with the IRS, sadly.

Jim said...

You can't even begin to know if the president is guilty or not until the Republic-controlled intelligence committee actually looks into what the president has done. The Democrats have tried in vain to hold hearings so that the administration can make its case in a balanced venue, but the Republics toe the Bush line and refuse to do any meaningful investigation. If such an investigationi were done then it WOULD BE CLEAR whether Bush did anything wrong.

Instead we get "administration lawyers say the president acted within the law."

This is the same as Gotti saying "my consigliori says that my having people murdered is within the law" so that proves that I have committed no crime.

Iwanski said...

Bush broke the law.

Clinton circumvented the law by giving misleading testimony.

If Clinton can be impeached, then surely Bush deserves at least to be censured for breaking it.