Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Where is the outrage?

The MSM loves to call Bush and other people on the Right extreme or out of touch, or "not mainstream"

What about Russ Feingold?

Even at his worst, Bush has a 35% approval rating....were there 35 Senators that would vote with Feingold on his newest far-left outburst? Russ has the support of maybe 12% of Senators....so that is not "far left" "not in the mainstream"

The religious Right is "the far right wing"...they express the beliefs of atleast 40% of the country....do 40% of Americans want to censure Bush? Seems pretty out of touch to me...

Russ was the only person to vote against the Patriot Act the first time....do you think having NO ONE agree with you make you out of the mainstream?

Just think what would happen if one single Republican would have called for impeachment on Clinton....the media went off when it was over 50.

This point was made possible by media bias.


realdebate said...

Great analysis Game... I agree 100%

The Game said...

thank you, I appreciate it

the rhyno said...

Having 35% of the country and 12% of teh Senate are to completely different things. You cant compare them.

the rhyno said...

Sorry, spelling breakdown. They are TWO completely different things.

Ron said...

Not even the issue. Bad analysis game.:-) The reason there is no outrage is because vast numbers of people inherently understand he is right..correct. :-)
The way our country is organized the President can not make a law. The legislative does that.The power the President already has combined with law making power would make him a.....well you find your own word. If the question is did he violate the constitutional law then give it to constitutional scholars or the supreme court. This is like the ports thing. It is good because it gives we the people a chance to discuss it. Russ has kept it on the front burner and deserves a Patriotism Medal.
Buy the way, After the primary I plan to reregister as an independent. If they won't stand for the Constitution they don't stand for what I believe in. The vast majority of them are chickens*its who stand for nothing. On that we can agree. With a few exceptions. The pubs are even farther off but I sure ain't no damned Democrat.

The Game said...

If more people agreed wiht Russ, why are so many Dem's afraid to stand with him. We can debate if the wire taps were legal, and I believe they are. But to censure the President is way to far, especially since there is doubt what he did was even wrong. And going as far as saying Russ deserves a medal for what is did is true, but he should be getting it from the Republicans for possibly saving the 2006 election for them.