Friday, August 17, 2007

Pentagon Paid $998,798 to Ship Two 19-Cent Washers

I'm sure they will do a better job with our health care...


hashfanatic said...

That's what happens when you put the Republicans in charge of anything.

No oversight.

For, in chaos, they can steal.

Jim said...

I'll second that. Once again, government will fail when it is run by people who don't believe in government.

The Game said...

Yes, I'm sure govt spending will go down with Dems in on, that is a good one.

The Game said...

Just want to point out that hash, once again, did nothing to advance the debate, the comment was of the smart ass variety that shows a lack of ability to talk about the topic at hand

hashfanatic said...

Are you advancing the debate when you harass progressive commenters, call names, and allow posters like PCD to do so without admonition?

Tell us about all the liberal commenters you got rid of, game.

The Game said...

This will be my future comment to what you write off topic if I allow it at all:

Not on topic, disregard

hashfanatic said...

What do the Pentagon's stealing of the washers has to do with healthcare.

You will just delete the question, whether it is "off-topic" or not, as you do parklife, because you are embarrassed that you cannot answer it.

The Game said...

Govt can not run anything effectively or efficiently.
I have already posted stories of Canadian health care with the long waiting lists...the story is the same EVERYWHERE there is socialized medicine.
Not enough money, high taxes, not enough care, long waiting lists.

Jim said...


Social Security is one of the best run organizations in history. It has one of the smallest overhead percentages in history.

With the recent death of my father, I found the Social Security Administration, the Department of Defense (he was a retired officer), and the county from which he retired to be efficient and quite swift in providing the services for which they were responsible.

I'll say if for the 492nd time here, government run by those who don't believe in government is bound to fail.

Ron said...

You seem to forget that this was a private corporation that asked for all that money. Just like Halliburton charged 100 dollars for each load of wash. I certainly don't want them in charge of my money! They will make it theirs as fast as possible. There are places for private enterprise and their are places for public accountability. That you think the private sector would do any better, or even as well as the government is a sign that you haven't yet bothered to look at the other side of the coin. Your premise is laughable at best.

The Game said...

Nice job by Jim and ron to not even address my point about waiting lists and run down care in every socialist health care system in the world. I wouldn't want anyone talking about it either. What is laughable is that most socialist systems are looking for more help from the private sector...while we are trying to be more socialist. I am not willing to sit by and let libeals ruin something else.

Jim said...

Look, game you need to stop this complaining crap about not addressing your "point". It's just simply bullshit. If you put two sentences in a post or comment with two different points, I may choose to refute one. If you have two points in a thread I may choose to refute one.

I love the way if I refute one, you don't acknowledge my refutation, you simple claim that I didn't address the other. That's a dodge.

You said, "Point:
Govt can not run anything effectively or efficiently." I refuted that point by noting that Social Security is EXTREMELY efficiently run. I specifically addressed your point.

You don't address every point I bring up. You barely even acknowledge them. So get off your high horse about "staying on point." Why don't you "stay on point"?

hashfanatic said...

Thank you, Jim.

The Game said...

Jim, its my blog. My point IS the point.
Now, comment on my other point...I would LOVE to see you get out of that one.

Jim said...

OK, how's this? Why do you compare systems in other countries to a system that doesn't exist in this country? You can cite all the examples you want of the "horrors" in other countries, but you seem to insist that a US system would replicate those. Maybe we can come up with something better, huh?

Why does the US rank #37 in the world in overall quality of care while spending the most per capita? What makes that such a great system? Why do Americans go to Thailand and India for major surgical procedures? Why are US companies going broke over the cost of health care?

OK, I've addressed your point. Now answer my questions.

The Game said...

Why does the US rank #37 in the world in overall quality of care while spending the most per capita?
Depends who is defining "quality of care." I would guess that most of the "better" countries are smaller and have a lower number of people who chose to not use health care until they have to go to the ER.
What makes that such a great system? Why do Americans go to Thailand and India for major surgical procedures?
Don't know why anyone would do that, and I do not think more than a handfull do.
Why are US companies going broke over the cost of health care?
That is a good question, and one that needs to be answered.

There is NO QUESTION the cost of health care is freakin stupid.
IF the US could come up with some system that could lower cost without lowering quality of care or the number of doctors, then lets look at it.
I would have to think that if the govt took over like Hillary would want, then we would simply get the same TERRIBLE health care all other socialistic countries Canada. The data is can talk about cheap perscription drugs...but look at wait times and number of doctors and you will see that the Canada system is EXACTLY what we don't want.

Jim said...

Sorry, it's actually 36th. Who says? Um, the World Health Organization.

You can find the list here. Canada ranks 30th.

You can find a good article about people having surgeries abroad here.

I don't think the government has to "take over" the health care system. But it could help to reduce paper work, inefficiencies, and prices. The US congress doesn't seem to have any complaints about their "government-run" health care system.

The Game said...

As far as I know, the congress has govt health insurrance...that is a big difference from the govt taking over health care.

Jim said...

So how do you know the American plan won't be like Congress' plan? Who says that it will be government doctors, government hospitals, government emergency rooms.

Look, you're worried about what? The government withholding payments or dis-allowing coverage? And you don't think the for profit insurance companies aren't doing that already?

Why can't it be just like it is today except the government does all the paper work and payments. Isn't that "single payer"?