Sunday, August 19, 2007

Scientists hail ‘frozen smoke’ as material that will change world

There ya go.
When global warming is about to kill us all, just spray some frozen smoke around you...


Jim said...

It's an interesting article, Game. Did you read it?

The Game said...

Yes, I did....the first one I ever read!!!!!
(Jim always says I do not read the articles)
When it really works and really does all the stuff it says in the article then it will be cool...I read stuff like this from time to time, sometimes it pans out, sometimes it is more scientific daydreaming...

Jim said...

Sorry, I just assumed your post was a rant. :-)

blamin said...

man, if I could have frozen smoke when I was about 23, I'd be a rich man by now!

Oh, well, if you snooze, ya lose!

It sounds great. My only question would be - what else is being sucked/filtered through this "material"?

The DDT scare has taught all thinking Americans to be careful when the left starts their "sky is falling" BS.

Who knows what possible "benefiting" substance that this "stuff" will also filter?

I just get a little nervous when "man" and his unlimited ego thinks he's got everything figured out.

All that being said, this looks like the "next great discovery", with practically unlimited uses.

I'm still a little skeptical - but open.