Friday, August 24, 2007

Street repaving may wait more than century

At the rate Milwaukee city forces are working, the average neighborhood street won't be repaved or rebuilt for 163 years - more than a century longer than it's designed to last, according to a report released today.Alleys will wait even longer for renovation - an average of 272 years, or about 200 years beyond the end of their useful lives, the report says.

See, these are the things taxes are supposed to pay for...
Liberals will say it is conservatives fault for not allowing them to raise taxes.
But taxes are not supposed to be used:
1. So college students can get free birth control
2. So lazy losers can get free welfare
3. Free food
4. Free everything

Government is supposed to keep us safe and do things we can not do on our own.
Last time I checked I was able to pay attention in school, do homework, get a job, pay for housing, buy food and other essentials. Mind you, that does not mean I buy a 37 inch flat screen then bitch that I can't afford health care.
Govt should have a great military and do things like build roads. We are no where near on track as far as how our tax money is spent.


PCD said...


Liberals won't admit that they actively plan to have government enslave the public with the golden handcuffs of entitlements. Their only scruples is to attain and retain power. If your street looks like a B52 bombed it, too bad. There is a gullable, lazy voter that will vote for them because they were scared by the Democrats that the mean old GOP will cut their welfare, make them get off their couches and go to work to pay for their ambulance ride to the emergency room to relieve their belly ache from eating too much junk food while permanently fastened to their couches in front of their TV.

The Game said...

right on

Andy said...


You're too filled with paranoid delusions to hit the mark. Did you get that drivel from "1984"?

Take a look at voting statistics. The poor do not vote at a reliable enough percentage to make it worthwhile to form the basis of an electoral strategy.

Try thinking past lazy steretypes for once in your life.

PCD said...


No, I did not get that from 1984, but from the Democrat guide to attain and retain power.

Andy, we aren't as stupid as you are. The Democrats have been pandering to, if not paying off, the poor to vote for them since FDR. Who do you think ACORN is fraudulently registering? Warren Buffet?

Andy said...

Others aren't as idiotic as you, but you truly are a fool. Look at the statistics as I suggested- the poor do not vote in great enough numbers to form the basis of a winning electoral strategy.

Your delusions and steretypes are comical. Conservatives are motivated by conviction while liberals merely pander. Perhaps a government role in aiding those less fortunate is part of liberal/progressive ideology....

As far as ACORN, some proof of fraud and their intricate ties to the DNC machine would be nice.

PCD said...


Now many indictments do you want? Now you are being the uninformed fool.

Andy said...

I'm so uninformed that I make claims w/zero documentation.....

PCD said...


I'll post indictments, etc. later, but just to start my huge download on you, a little Wis. blog to start with:


I put a return after blogspot so that the tail of the reference doesn't go away. I don't want you pulling a hash and say you can't find it, because you are pulling a Jim and trying to say that you haven't heard of such malfeasance, therefore it must just be made up because no Democrat breaks the law according to you hacks.

Heraldblog said...

That's a great straw man you got there. I bet you built him from scratch.