Friday, August 17, 2007

Wisconsin ranks fifth-lowest in job growth

Blame yourselves Wisconsin.
You voted in someone you knew would raise taxes and was hostile toward big bad business. Liberals "care" about poor people, but always hurt them.
A little lesson for you:
You don't help a poor person with higher taxes and more government programs.
You help poor people by creating jobs and making sure that you don't need socialist government programs.
Keep it up Wisconsin, keep pushing all our college graduates to the Southwest.


hashfanatic said...

Growth without forward-looking planning or vision for the future is not always necessarily a good thing.

As usual, "pay me, pay me", but what does Wisconsin have to offer potential business owners that other states do not?

The Game said...

high taxes and lots of restrictions....and regulation...that is why they are leaving...and so is skilled labor

Scorpion said...

AND...they will continue to leave as long as the exactly RIGHT ON reasons you have listed continue.Skilled labor???These great workers are all getting old,without nearly enough young skilled workers to replace them.Soon a plumber will command fees similar to a doctor or lawyer.

hashfanatic said...

"Soon a plumber will command fees similar to a doctor or lawyer."

What's wrong with that?

The Game said...

There is a lot wrong with that if you need some plumbing.
Man hash, you must be one of those rich dont care how much food cost, gas, or skilled labor.