Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Caught on tape: Watch John Murtha cut and run; Update: Charges dropped against another Haditha Marine

So, the slanderous words of Murtha seem to be false...Based on the definition liberals have for the word "lie," that makes Murtha a liar.
Days after the Haditha incident hit the media, Murtha was on the TV saying our soldiers are cold-blooded murderers. Since it seems certain that they are not, that makes Murtha a liar...a treasonous, slime ball liar.
It is just one of many, many slanderous statements made by Democrats about our troops.

Update: Charges dropped against another Haditha Marine


hashfanatic said...

John Murtha is a great American, unlike you and your synchophants, whose allegiances are to other principalities and powers.

The Game said...

Hash said, "bla bla, I love people who slander the military, bla bla"

hashfanatic said...

Nah, Murtha is awesome.

You just don't approve of men standing up for their principles (especially when those principles involve saving American lives)....

Party is just more important to you than country, guy.

Jim said...

You can't accuse Murtha of lying anymore than you you say we can't accuse Bush of lying because we can't know if Bush knew what he was saying wasn't true. You can't prove Murtha didn't believe what he was saying is true. So take some of your own medicine.

Furthermore, as usual, you take justified accusations against individuals in the military and call it a slander of "our soldiers".

Surely you can't believe that no US military person in Iraq has unjustly killed an Iraqi citizen. Ever.

PCD said...


Just another anti-american who hates the military. Murtha is guilty of being rotten to the Corps.

The Game said...

Jim, I CLEARLY stated that I was using the word lie in the same way liberals use it for attention.

hashfanatic said...

God Bless John Murtha.

God Bless Cindy Sheehan.

God Bless Jimmy Carter.

God Bless Scott Ritter.

God Bless Rosie O'Donnell.

Respect to all who refuse to be mastered.

Marshall Art said...

If God's blessing includes the epiphany each of those people needs, I'm with you. I pray for God's blessings on everyone, in general, but some people need something more specific.

hashfanatic said...

Well, I'm referring to MY God.

I'm not confused about God, and his role in my life, and I know my Heavenly Father shines his blessings down on all of the individuals I've listed, and has for quite some time.

Ron said...

our soldiers are cold-blooded murderers.

He said this huh? Where..he is a veteran himself. This is more slime machine.Some soldiers are good people, some not so much. They are taken from America at large so this is not suprizing, except for you sand castle, icon worshipping wingnuts. I consider Marshall the only rational conservative on this blog with Game at least making an effort occasionally.
When you start sliming individuals instead of talking about the issue or the root causes I know you are a lazy thinker and not to be trusted as someone who knows what they are talking about. Since this is nearly all you do......