Sunday, September 02, 2007

MPS to require IDs

Parents and visitors to public schools in Milwaukee will now be required to report to the main office, present an ID and wear a lime-green badge as they are escorted around the building.

Few thoughts:
1. The ACLU and other liberals will have to complain because if you ask them, poor people and minorities do not have ID's. (atleast they don't for voting).
2. Principals were not asked what they thought of the once again people who are not in a school building decide what happens universally in every school building.
3. All the passes in the district are the exact same color, they look exactly the same. So what will stop someone from getting a pass in one school and then keeping it and just walking into the school down the street and beating the crap out of a teacher or a student who "mean mugged" their son.

Another example of too much administration, not enough input from the people who actually know what is going on...


hashfanatic said...


Here there is NO wandering around the building, escorted or unescorted.

If you're a parent or guardian (and you'd better be damned prepared to prove it), your child/children are brought to you, straight to the office, and if you need to have your child released to you, you sign a hefty stack of releases to do so (some districts even take snapshots)...

The process has to be made deliberately difficult as well, in order to dissuade parents from doing this frequently, to prevent a logistical and administrative nightmare, and to encourage them to take care of personal business outside of school hours.

Wait till it gets bad enough out there, when it gets to the point where the security guards are mostly perps themselves. When you get to that point, there, like we have here, you'll see that this is NOTHING, and you'll thank God for every single added stringency put into place (the parents here, of every stripe, already do).