Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yost stays steadfast under fire

Ned should be afraid to listen to the radio or go anywhere. Anyone who knows anything about the game of baseball knows Ned Yost has, by himself, cost the Brewers a minimum of 15 games this season. He lost two for them the past week alone. Even the biggest homers, the biggest fans are now coming around. When you bring in a guy late in the game that you cut earlier in the year to pitch in a game that you are winning, when you are trying to win a division shows how little you know about the game of baseball.


Scorpion said...

Again today,the consensus in the Brewer stories is stay supportive,
try to not boo the obvious.It is because they are young and new to this...still,be patient and supportive is getting old.The smaller crowds kind of reflect the mood.

Andy said...

I don't live in WI anymore so my ability to follow the Brewers is a bit limited. However, Yost makes some good points. Working Cordero to the point of exhaustion isn't wise and Turnbow hasn't been the ideal set-up man. I digress.

My main hope is that this team won't become the Brewers if old- trading away young talent and/or losing players to free agency. This is a team that needs a few extra parts to regularly compete in the Central.

Les said...

"Working Cordero to the point of exhaustion isn't wise..."

But according to today's Journal, Yost plans on getting Coco some 4 and 5 out save chances down the stretch. I'm all for it - there's no point in saving him for the post season if they're not even in it.