Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Obesity is 'deadlier than smoking' and can knock 13 years off your life

How long until we have special taxes for fast food restaurants?
How long until liberals get certain foods banned?
You think it is stupid, but you probably would have also thought smoking being banned in your own car was stupid too...
slippery slope...


Parklife said...

How 'bout some honest labeling? Honest advertising? What about feeding kids actual food in lunch programs?

Slippery slope.. pretty soon we'll all be eating fruits and vegetables. Dare to dream.. we may even treat our animals with some sense of dignity.

Just how many cows are in that patty?

The Game said...

I'll translate parklife's answer into English:
This is good, meat is evil, we shouldn't kill animals for food.
Okay, now that I am done laughing...
It brings up a good point, liberals like to do things that are against human nature...
Humans are supposed to eat meat...the right kind of meat and the right amount or essential for survival...vegans have to take lots of pills to make up for the protein and amino acids that can not get from plants.

SHOULD everyone eat healthy...YES
SHOULD the govt make

Andy said...

That's not at all what parklife suggested. You work in a school and should have some knowledge of the crap that served for lunch. I assume he would like to see greater nutrition in school meals.

The government has regulated school lunch programs for years- this isn't anything new.

Parklife said...

Another example of how conservatives "debate honestly"?

"I'll translate parklife's answer into English"
Hmm.. ok.. Not sure I've ever talked like a caveman but if thats how you have to explain things to conservatives go for it.

"This is good, meat is evil, we shouldn't kill animals for food.
Okay, now that I am done laughing..."
Oh Lordy.. that was funny?

"It brings up a good point, liberals like to do things that are against human nature..."
Just to recap...
Liberals: Prefers eating things that grow in the earth or walk around.

Conservatives: Prefers eating manufactured cold war era food.

And.. I'm the one doing things "against human nature"? Oh.. this should be good.

"Humans are supposed to eat meat"
Really? Sounds good to me. Not sure where you are going with this.. Since I said we should treat animals with respect. I never said we should not eat them.

"...the right kind of meat and the right amount or essential for survival"
you should know.. Dont you have a degree in nutrition?

"...vegans have to take lots of pills"
they have to take so many pills. When I go over to their homes, it looks like a freakin' pharmacy.

" make up for the protein and amino acids that can not get from plants."
Awesome.. Game are you this dumb? Or.. do you just pretend on the internets?

Last.. stay on topic Game. I never said government should force people to eat anything. You can keep eating cow shit* for all I care. I said, people should have the opportunity to make an informed decision on what they eat. In addition, life (remember you are in the "culture of life" crowd) should be treated with respect. That means not pumping cows full of hormones or stuffing chickens in tiny cages. That means the animal you eat can live, how ever brief that life may be. Taking this back to the schools... Kids actually do better when they eat real food. Deep fried sugar does nothing to help kids learn.

*Downright hilarious... we feed cows to cows. Yummy!

The Game said...

I'll just agree with what I agree...
Federal school lunch program food is crap a lot of the time...
There is no reason it has to be crap.
My kids come to school after eating candy, soda and flammin' hot chips for breakfast...I'm going to guess that has something to do with their behavior (not all of it, but one factor).

I'm a damn health teacher, I know all about this stuff. My point was, that I do not agree that cutting out ANYTHING that we are supposed to eat is a health way to change your diet. If you say you eat meat, but not processed crap, then good.

Parklife said...

What, exactly, are you arguing here?

You think school lunch programs need to be cleaned up? I cant think of a person in a better position than you.

What about the labels on food? Advertising? The treatment of animals?

blamin said...

I love it!!!

Everyone agrees school lunches are crap (except for those starving)!!!

Here’s an idea, why don’t we let government take an even greater control over nutrition … seems how they’re doing such a great job.

Heeyyy, I’ve got it! Why don’t we all just go to “Free Lunches”? Why, the Gov’t can just tellusall whattoeat!

I’m sure they’ll do a superfantastical job of it, just like they do everything else!

DAMNIT-MAN – Why stop there???? The Gov’t is so damn good at everything they do, why not let them take care of EverYthinG?

blamin said...

Re: Your link

I feel really cheated! Obesity is worse than smoking? Damn, to think I could give up one cigarette for two smoked ribs is no longer copacetic?

Here’s the fail all, do all diet/lifestyle everybody should follow …. If it feels good, ,don’t do it!!!

Parklife said...

Talk about slippery slop...

Congratulations Blamin'.. You just argued against giving food to poor kids. And I thought compassionate conservatism was dead.

The Game said...

The sad thing is you really think that way, don't you.

Parklife said...

Oh.. I'm sorry. I must have misunderstood Blamin's sarcastic comments.

Just what is your feeling about free lunches for poor kids? Have we regressed this far.. Where are you on this topic Game? You seem twisted in your desire for kids to have a healthy lunch and your desire to appease all the wingnuts that leave droppings. Can you compose something that might clear up this matter.

I hope its alright.. I'm going to save this little gem, "I'll just agree with what I agree..."