Thursday, June 05, 2008

US Marine acquitted of all charges in Haditha killings

But wait...
John Murtha went on national TV and told the world that our soldiers were murderers...
I know someone who cares about his country and "loves" the military would not hold a press conference to wrongly accuse soldiers. He would never try to make the military look bad just for political gain.
I wonder why he was so eager to hold that press conference. Someone who has an interest in making our country stronger and meeting our objectives in the world would not run to the microphone and spew lies.

So I guess Murtha lied:
MATTHEWS: Mr. Murtha, let me ask you about this accusation that you have come out with today, that U.S. service people fighting in Iraq killed civilians in cold blood. What evidence do you have on that now?
MURTHA: Well, "Time Magazine" ...
MATTHEWS: Was this melee? I mean, was this a case of -- when you say cold blood, Congressman, a lot of people think you're basically saying you have got some civilians sitting in a room or out in a field and they're executed just on purpose...
MURTHA: That's exactly what happened.

He lied here someone who loves his country...he sure wasn't sad about this "murder" by our troops. He seemed like he wanted to go out there and shout it from the rooftops

BLITZER: There's an investigation of what happened at Haditha.'ve suggested this week that there in effect was a massacre. …
MURTHA: Well there was. There's no question about it...
BLITZER: The Marines say they're still investigating. They don't know what happened yet. The pentagon says the same thing. How do you know what happened?
MURTHA: Wolf, you read the "Time" magazine articles. There are pictures, there are photos. You don't have to talk to the military about the proof.

More glee:

REP. JOHN MURTHA: … on November 19th, we had an incident in Haditha in Anbar province, where a Marine was killed with an IED. Time magazine reported it, and it's kind of a puzzling report, because they're investigating it right now. Let me tell you what the consequences of this have been.
It's much worse than reported in Time magazine. There was no fire fight. There was no IED that killed these innocent people. Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood. And that's what the report is going to tell…

And why would someone go on TV, lie about the Military when he was never even briefed from any military source? Maybe any bad news about the military is good news to a Democrat?

Murtha, a Pennsylvania Democrat, is being sued by one of the accused Marines for libel. He had told The Philadelphia Inquirer that Gen. Michael Hagee had given him the information on which he based his charge that Marines killed innocent civilians.
But a spokesman for the Marine Corps said Hagee briefed Murtha on May 24 about Haditha. Murtha had made comments on the case as early as May 17.
On May 17, for example, he said at a news conference, "Our troops overracted because of the pressure on them and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood."

Where is Murtha saying he is sorry?
Where is his punishment?

At least Time run some lame "corrections"

In the original version of this story, TIME reported that "a day after the incident, a Haditha journalism student videotaped the scene at the local morgue and at the homes where the killings had occurred. The video was obtained by the Hammurabi Human Rights Group, which cooperates with the internationally respected Human Rights Watch, and has been shared with TIME"
In fact, Human Rights Watch has not ties or association with the Hammurabi Human Rights Group. TIME regrets the error.,10987,1174682,00.html

In the original version of this story, TIME reported the "one of the most damning pieces of evidence investigators have in their possession, John Sifton of Human Rights Watch told Time's Tim McGirk, is a photo, taken by a Marine with his cell phone that shows Iraqis kneeling -- and thus posing no threat -- before they were shot." While Sifton did tell TIME that there was photographic evidence, taken by Marines, he had only heard about the specific content of the photos from reports done by NBC, and had no firsthand knowledge. TIME regrets the error.,8599,1198843,00.html


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BigT said...

John Murtha disgusts me. But he is a good democrat.

Marshall Art said...


You've got to be kidding! He disgusts you and you believe he's a good Dem? Dems disguts as a rule, but this chump takes it to a whole new level. How can a putz who's either a blatant liar or simply too stupid for words be a good Dem? Are you that hard up for someone to call "good" from the Dem Party that you've lowered the bar to the ground? I hope that soldier takes his sorry ass to the cleaners.

BigT said...

Marshall Art. I should have added from a democrats point of view. He's outspoken against our military and spends big on pork.

Two things I oppose.

Marshall Art said...

Oh. Nevermind.

PCD said...

Murtha ought to be ejected from the House and prosecuted for Ethics violations.