Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Is Obama a natural born citizen?

My question is: "If Obama was born in Hawaii, why doesn't he just prove it."
Liberals simply SAY he has proven it, but this is obviously not the case.

Concerned Americans look to media to compel president-elect to release documents
'It would be hard to perform as president from behind jail cell door at Leavenworth'
'Assuming he's aware he's not a citizen, then it's a perjured oath'

I'm sure all he has to do is fill out a form and get an official seal from Hawaii.
Why is this so hard?


Anonymous said...

Will you please post your state teacher credentials so we can all see them. I'm starting to have my doubts that you are qualified to serve.

The Game said...

I have properly taken care of my responsibilities pertaining to my job.
While your post is an okay attempt at humor or sarcasm, you dodge the issue...

blamin said...


Are you running for president of your local teachers union?

Norm said...

The issue is you are grasping at straws and idiotic Internet rumors.

Anonymous said...

You sound a lot like Dems in 2000 complaining that Dick Cheney used Wyoming as his home state of record when he'd been living in Texas for 20 years. In the meantime, the Obama's a muslim rumor mill shut down Nov. 5.

Jay Bullock said...

What the hell else do you want to see?

Obama has produced a birth certificate. It is real, it is stamped and signed by officials in HI. Those same HI officials have said the original, locked in a vault, is real and authentic and unquestioned. No one has produced a shred of evidence that Obama was born any place else. Not Kenya. Not Vancouver. Not on an airplane over the Pacific. Nothing.

So on the one hand, you have documentation and official affirmation. On the other you have a bunch of nose-pickers with money to burn and an axe to grind but no facts. And you side with the nose-pickers.

Seriously. What is still lacking in your mind?

TerryN said...

A very good article on the subject.

It raises valid points for the nose-pickers who don't think is infallible.

H/T: Tom McMahon

Realism said...

It is up to the people asserting that he is not a natural born citizen to prove it, or at least provide enough evidence to bring the matter into question.

And pointing to a lack of proof that refutes your assertion is not evidence.

TerryN said...

It's up to Barack Obama, simply out of respect for the nation he was elected to lead, to disclose the sealed vault copy of his birth certificate.

Realism said...

Why? There is no legal requirement for him to do so. The officials of the state of Hawaii have attested to his status. Independent observers have personally examined the original document. A record of his birth was published in the Honolulu Advertiser. The birthplace on the certificate is listed as Honolulu Hawaii.

Perhaps Obama could build a time machine and take you all back to that fateful day - nah, you still wouldn't be convinced.

Perhaps if you conservatives were as cynical and dubious of your sides motives, the administration of our last president wouldn't have been such a disaster.

Anonymous said...

let's dig out george bush's (both) birth certificates, and ronald reagan, jimmy carter. hell, why not washington and lincoln?

this is one of the most inane arguments i have heard yet. why don't you harp on something that has some basis in reality, like whether hillary can be secretary of state. at least that is debatable.

The Game said...

I'm just saying he should put this issue to bed if he can...thats all..if he can give us the original, he should...not hard, case closed.

Ted said...

Folks, this is NOT rocket science.
Since the Constitution’s Article II requires our President to be a “natural born citizen” (not merely a “citizen” as allowed for those living when the Constitution was enacted), meaning both parents were US “citizens” when the child was born (altho parents need not be “natural born” citizens), there’s NO WAY Obama can be President — regardless of being born in Kenya OR Hawaii — that is, to be “natural born citizen” (as opposed to being a “citizen”) being born on American soil is insufficient unless both parents are “citizens”. Obama’s dad was NOT an American citizen. He was a citizen of the UK (administering Kenya at the time).
Case closed.

hashfanatic said...

"Obama has produced a birth certificate."

well, no, he has not, jay

a certificate of live birth is not a birth certificate

besides, the "official" in Hawaii was not even qualified to "certify" that much

and you know how easily "officials" are bribed, especially when they act unilaterally, with not a word of acknowledgment in the media

in fact, clarence thomas himself is taking a hard look at this, as the issue was evidently enough to make HIS calendar, if not yours

tell me, are you willing to extend clarence thomas the same latitude you are falling over backwards to extend to our thoroughly unqualified, and possibly un-american, pez dispenser of a president-elect, on the same racially biased grounds?

or will you admit to pure partisanship on your part, much the same way we criticize game and the righties for it here?

or, perhaps you will try to sell us the annenberg canard again, jay?

or direct us to obama's own campaign propaganda, that you so willingly accept as verification?

obongo himself doesn't feel led to level with americans on this issue, or even acknowledge it in a press conference

a big part of the bush crime family's failure at virtually everything they touched, stemmed from an almost total lack of transparency


not quite the "change" you clowns envisioned, yet you rammed it down our throats as well

perhaps, you believed we had forgotten, the things you said to us??


hashfanatic said...

"Folks, this is NOT rocket science."

neither is calling a press conference, and simply presenting a genuine, certified birth certificate, with all necessary approvals, endorsements, seals, etc., upon completion of satisfactory evaluation and approval of independent sources

ted, if you took your son to register for little league in these parts, you'd have to present his birth certificate

what makes you think we would demand any less, from a presidential candidate with dubious origins and highly questionable associates, who cannot and/or will not account for lengthy stretches of his past, in a post-9/11 world?

hint, for those mystified by "vapid" arguments

that might just be why the scotus is involved

we'll see

TerryN said...

Read the American Thinker article. It raises valid points that Obama could easily put to rest. And he won't.

If anything, remember that there could power that be who care more about their agenda than our Constitution. We're seeing it creep all over this nation and that's terrible IMHO.

Anonymous said...

"If anything, remember that there could power that be who care more about their agenda than our Constitution."

This captures the Bush Administration and the last 8 yrs perfectly!

Realism said...

Scrambled syntax and all.

hashfanatic said...

"This captures the Bush Administration and the last 8 yrs perfectly!'

yes, but bush is on his way out

he wasn't running for president

and barky's regime has absolutely no interest in investigating, much less prosecuting the bcf's crimes, as we perceive them, not to mention pelosi, reid, the clintons, etc., so it's a moot point

so now we see the leftists' willingness to be "pragmatic", as i pointed out at the time

and no one on the right should have wanted it all swept under the carpet, either, for it has set a precedent that enables even more horrific atrocities to come, which seem increasingly likely

Realism said...

Yes, hash, if the Constitutional prohibitions against unreasonable search and seizure and cruel and unusual punishment, the right of due process and trial by jury are now "quaint" thanks to the Bush Administration, why not the "natural born citizen" (whatever that means) requirement as well.

The Game said...

wow, maybe there is something to this since the lefties are now trying to talk about Bush again...

Realism said...

He is the President, you know. Has been for the last eight years. I can understand you wanting to sweep him under the rug, though. I'd want to change the subject if I had voted for him, too.

TerryN said...

I gotta quit typing in a hurry. There could be powers that be. Yea, I can type, sometimes.

Bottom line for me. The question of Obama's eligibility should have been put to rest prior to the election, and it wasn't.

Now there will always be a question about the validity of the first African American President. Only Obama can correct that, and he refuses.

Chances the Supreme Court rules against Obama, zero.

Larry Walker Jr said...

Why is he spending $500K on defense to keep from turning over his documents instead of $35 to provide it. Obama's either the dumbest POTUS-elect, or he's got something to hide. Posting a document on the internet is hardly proof. Providing the original vault copy to a Judge would end the doubt. Otherwise this goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

countering the american thinker piece is this from

if i were obama, i would be insulted to be asked. what other candidate in the history of the us has been asked for his birth certificate? i wouldn't provide the birth certificate to anyone other than a state official who required it of everyone at the time they registered to be on the ballot of the state. otherwise, forget about it. wouldn't do it.

Realism said...

I would wait until the wingnuts worked themselves into a rabid frenzy (oh wait, that's happening right now) and then release it the day after inauguration just to remove that remaining shred of credibility that Republicans seem to think that they have left.

Here we see the right's version of the 9/11 truthers.

Jay Bullock said...

So I must have missed the announcement that the Supreme Court was taking up the case after review today. Anyone got a link to it? No?

hashfanatic said...

jay, barky was supposed to have responded to the writ of certiorari by december 1, but, apparently, the court allows an extra week for mailing time

what's the rush, jay?

"Here we see the right's version of the 9/11 truthers."

realism, that is a TERRIBLE statement for you to make

regardless of what you believe to have transpired on the day of the 9/11 occurrences, shame on you to put forward even a glimmer of a hint that americans should stop pursuing the truth, and questioning the powers that be

Jay Bullock said...

Just because the truth is something disappointing to you, hash, does not mean it is not the truth.

There is no question Obama was born in Hawaii. The people pushing it are liars and frauds. Try reading this from Dave Wiegel, who is no flaming liberal (he's an editor at the libertarian Reason magazine). If you want to continue to hang on to the fantasy that there are unanswered questions out there, then that's your business. But stay off the grassy knoll, mkay?

Realism said...

I have no problem with questioning the powers that be or pursuing the truth.

I do have a problem with pursuing elaborate fantasies that cannot ever be disproved, no matter how much evidence stacks up against them.

Obama was born in Hawaii. The authorities that certify those things have confirmed this. The 14th amendment states that this makes him a citizen. The designation of "Natural Born Citizen" is in contrast to a "Naturalized Citizen" which Obama is clearly not, so since he is a citizen, but not a Naturalized Citizen, he is, by definition, a Natural Born Citizen.

But to the conspiratorial mindset, no amount of logic or evidence will ever be persuasive. So you guys just sit in your corners mumbling while the adults set out to undo the massive damage your people have inflicted on our country

TerryN said...

Realism - I guarantee you I'm not n any frenzy over this nor do I think anything will ever come of it. There will always be a question over the eligibility of Obama to serve as POTUS. You would have to very naive to believe he'd spend $500K over $35 because he's insulted.

Forget the specifics of this issue for a moment and take a look at the big picture of anyone in any elected office in the situation Barack has put himself in. If you don't see the potential for fraud I feel sorry for you.

Realism said...

I think that in order to look at the big picture, one should consider the reason that the framers included the requirement that the President be a natural born citizen. Their concern was that foreign nationals (e.g. a Brit or Frenchman) could gain enough popularity to become President and then use that position to benefit the country where their loyalty lies. This is obviously not the case.

As far as spending money for legal defense instead of just showing the cert, I think the point there is that if he feels like he needs to bend over backward to please conspiracy theorists who don't want him in office under any circumstances, he won't have much time to govern because they will never be satisfied. It's a matter of principle.

Jay Bullock said...

There will always be a question over the eligibility of Obama to serve as POTUS.
If this is so, it is only because people like you will continue to stuff your fingers in your ears, squeeze your eyes shut, and "LALALA I'M NOT LISTENING" away at the facts.

TerryN said...

Under Hawaiian law, it is possible (both legally and illegally) for a person to have been born out of state, yet have a birth certificate on file in the Department of Health.

So Barack is spending $500K to save $35 and I'm singing la, la, la with my fingers in my ears???

The truth is never found unless someone goes looking for it...

Barack sailed through the primaries knocking off the Clintons and had the media not only fawn over him, but cover for him. And you thing he's had to "bend over backwards"? WOW!!!

Ron said...

Someday I hope the rightists figure out that your talk show heros are ENTERTAINERS. Their chosen way of entertaining is to CREATE DRAMA. That is what this is. It's a part of your angry male soap opera..Hawaii has confirmed and surely the fbi etc has veted the candidates.

Did bill kill hundreds, was a secret affair between bills wife and friend taking place? Is barky a real american? Is their a secret plan to...... It's all rightist soap opera. You guys can have your internal dialouge all you want. It's all a show for most of us. When you have something rational to debate that involves improving the country instead of your personal pecadillos look me up.