Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Punishing the Rich: Obama style

So we are going to raise the taxes of the successful and now take away their itemized deductions.
Once again, liberals think they are doing one thing but are actually doing another.
It is what happens when you base all decisions on emotion and not fact.

When you do not allow the "rich" to itemize deductions, that means they can not write off charitable contributions. Therefore, non-profits are going to suffer greatly.
So, the rich are spending less, firing workers because they have less money, and now the very organizations that are trying to help the people liberals pretend to care about will be gone.

So, is Obama doing this because he WANTS the only people able to help the ever growing helpless in society to be the govt?
Actually, I don't think so.

I think he is just a liberal simpleton and he really thinks he is sticking it to the rich, those evil bad people. He doesn't realize they prop up the arts, non-profit organizations that help the poor, create jobs with their spending habits.
Nope, Obama just thinks the rich have too much money and he is going to redistribute it to the poor...its that simple for a socialist like himself.

We are in for a world of hurt.


Ron said...

Game your constant defense of the wealthy and smears on the poor are probably my greatest sorrow as far as this blog goes.

Do you know that 1% of the people collect 50 percent of the income? Is their work worth THAT MUCH more than the millions of people who are as a result forced to take less? They are successful because they are taking it all! They are redistributing it to themselves! 10% of the people control 85% of the wealth and they have convinced poor suckers like you that it is fair and proper and some kind of bootstraps thing when it is truly nothing of the sort. It may not technically be theft but it is a con game.

It's like your how they give so much to charity. Take away their tax benefits and you would see that shrink to nearly nothing. It's not because they care...not at all. It's because there is something in it for them. That is all they care about.

It saddens me to see you be suckered in to supporting the controlling elite who are finding new ways to rob YOU AND I on a daily basis. Recent events are an out in the open example.

That you would work against OUR best interests and willingly bow and give up your fair share to the aristocracy is sad. Liberal or conservative rich, bothers me not. We need to even the playing field. Why are so many poor or losing middle class status...because a few have and get it all...or at least half of it. There is not much left for you and me who also pull our bootstraps everyday. If these are the results of capitalism then count me out.

As my favorite President(a republican) said:

At many stages in the advance of humanity, this conflict between the men who possess more than they have earned and the men who have earned more than they possess is the central condition of progress. ....At every stage, and under all circumstances, the essence of the struggle is to equalize opportunity, destroy privilege, and give to the life and citizenship of every individual the highest possible value both to himself and to the commonwealth. Teddy Roosevelt(R)

Ron said...

By the way, in case you haven't noticed this catering to the rich has already put us in a world of hurt. Literally WORLD of hurt. To late to see that in the future.

Jim said...

Game, maybe you should borrow a page from the President's book and know what you are talking about before you speak, to wit:

When you do not allow the "rich" to itemize deductions, that means they can not write off charitable contributions. Therefore, non-profits are going to suffer greatly.

This is absurdly false. You really should do SOME research before you spout the talking lies. The Obama plan is to reduce the write-off percent for charitable deductions for the wealthy from 35% to 28% which means that you get the same write off the very wealthy do. If this hurts charities, which is debatable, then shame on the wealthy.

The Game said...

ron, the problem is that just giving the poor some free stuff and not having our entire society expect them to do whatever they can to help their own situation does nothing to help them...
do you see that?

blamin said...

Ron, your argument is a straw man; hell it seems your whole philosophy is a straw man. You decry the distribution of wealth; do you decry the distribution of taxes? Do you decry those who are taking chances and creating jobs and wealth? Do you decry the overwhelming difference in charitable giving between conservatives and liberals?

Ron, dude (et?), how exactly is your philosophy of tearing down the successful actually going to help the, um, less successful? By handing the gov’t even more power? Study your history, man. A more powerful government rarely, if ever, lifts up those who need uplifting. The class-warfare duplicity practiced by government does nothing more than increase their own power, and reduce the freedoms of the citizens.

You end up with the “perfect” socialist society. Those who know best are the “leaders of society” and the wealthy class. The legions of bureaucrats who have been properly indoctrinated become the middle class; they rarely yearn for more because they wield the power of stifling innovation and hard work, they get to puff up their chest while walking down the streets of the waste land they’ve helped to create. The rest of ordinary citizens become the poor.


With all of capitalism’s excesses, it’s still the best way. As a matter of fact “capitalism” is a communist construct of the word; the correct term is free market. As in a free market society has consistently shown to be the best in uplifting the largest percentage of a group.

Anonymous said...

If the rich can't afford to properly support the country that makes their success possible, they can get in the soup line with the rest of us.

HumbleHumanity said...

Most of those soup lines are paid for by donations by us "rich people". But, our most compassionate government can always print up some more money at the money factory, send it through all the appropriate channels, and ultimately you can have your room temperature broth (served in ecofriendly bowls). SLURP

Marshall Art said...

The country doesn't make anyone's success possible. The people themselves do. And the very wealthy are already doing the most to "properly support the country".

I have no doubt that there are those for whom great wealth holds no alure. They are satisfied with their status and as long as they can maintain it they are happy. But here's the clue, even those folks have to reach higher in order to stay where they are.

Ron likes to assume that the poor are poor due to the actions of the wealthy. If that were true, the numbers of wealthy would never rise. Yet, that number does rise every year. Wealth is not a zero sum game. Wealth is created, not appropriated from others. The more people that strive for wealth, the more wealth there is. The wealthy, the successful, the upper middle class, even the lower middle class, have all done things that the poor don't usually do, and they also don't do things that many of the poor do.

There are the poor, and there are the legitimately poor. It's often hard to tell them apart. But there is little that prevents them from rising to at least be less poor, if not lower middle class if they adopt habits and behaviors that will elevate them, and dispense with habits and behaviors that won't.

I'm unemployed right now and have been since right before Christmas. If I didn't consider this possibility might befall either myself or my wife, I'd be in a world of hurt. I'm not happy, nor content with my situation, but my point is that for as lame a plan as I've had, my habits and behaviors have benefitted me now that the shit has hit the fan. I'll run out of mortgage payments before I run out of money. I don't have a boat, a massive entertainment system, a lavish wardrobe, an expensive car, but I do have money to weather this storm. All from a middle class income and some delaying of self-gratification. Had I delayed more, I'd likely not have to find a job. I didn't do anything special. Most of the poor don't do anything. That's just the way it is. Thirty-five years ago I didn't have shit. If I can do it...

Ron said...

Game, you miss the point completely. I'm not talking about giving anybody free stuff. That is your conditioning kicking in. I'm talking about paying wages that give everybody a chance and not just big money to a few and the crumbs to the rest. Rewarding work is the best way to encourage it my friend.

To the rest of you, see above, if you don't get it then you can eventually join the poor like the rest of us because that is what your system is leading too. With recent events is should be obvious as the nose on your face. However if dogma reigns over common sense like it apparently does with you then there is no hope.

blamin said...

Good one ron, the master dogma gulper accuses others of his own failings while ignoring uncomfortable points.

Free market be bad. Socialism be good. After all it's all relavent. If we're all poor a$$ donks, we feel much better in our common retchedness.

Envy without hope is a sorry ass thing.