Friday, March 20, 2009

Random sample of media bias

Lets see what the media has decided is an important story on the morning the President of the United States makes fun of special needs students.
I wonder what they would be talking about if a Republican would have said the same thing?

MSNBC: AIG flap heartens critics of high pay
small video on page one

CNN: Spitzer: 'I failed in a very important way'
link to Obama flap on page one

FOX: It Can Get Worse
story on the bottom of page one

UK telegraph: Obama calls head of Special Olympics to apologise after his late-night TV gaffe
You have to go to Europe for fair and balanced news?

To be honest, all the web sites had a story on page one. Wow, that means he REALLY screwed up...maybe thats why the President of the United States doesn't go on a late night comedy show.
Especially when the President sounds like an idiot without his teleprompter


Ron said...

Here you go again! Will you be happy when there is absolutely NO left perspective in the media? Is that your goal? You surely don't think there is no right wing bias in the media do you? Of course not. Give it up game. The media hasn't been tilted to the right since you were in diapers. Just because you can find a few things..even on a daily basis doesn't make it the media liberal. We are suppose to have all sides. You are one silly guy.

Ron said...

You actually think the obama gaffe is more important that all those other things...disgusting. You can't even stand for your own principals to be against the pc world. Like I said, you have become a joke. Sorry,I hate to talk about you that way but how much more obvious can you make it that ....I mean you state the whole purpose of this blog is to fight the pc world but then you jump right in and take part when it suits your needs. How can one have respect for you when you act like that? Get a grip and try again.

The Game said...

lmfao...thanks for the comedy of charge!!!

Ron said...

You are welcome. Thanks for having no cogent point.