Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sebelius admits errors, pays $7,000 in back taxes

The stories out of the Obama "administration" are so ridiculous its almost impossible to know where to begin.
Maybe that's why Democrats are okay with raising taxes, they don't pay them.
What else are you supposed to say?
Just like what is a teacher supposed to do when 10 kids in class refuse to sit down. You know what is supposed to happen, you know what the right behavior is...
But what do you really do when so many people don't care about doing the right thing?


Anonymous said...

"But what do you really do when so many people don't care about doing the right thing?"

Sebelius paid back what she owed just like that gov of Alaska did when she screwed up. Whats your point here?

Ron said...

It's amazing to see how many in high places think taxes are optional for them. It's called elitism and it is sad to see coming out of our so called leaders. People that have a lot of money and investments have ways to avoid paying taxes. Most of them cheat. People that don't have a lot of money have no room for "creativity".

The Game said...

Ron, doesn't that make the point for a flat tax...
I'll even go one farther...
How about a flat 15% up to $150,000, then you can raise it to some other number.
It really is fair...and there would be no cheating...EVERYONE pays...period.

blamin said...

A flat tax would be great…for a while. Then the lobbyist and power-hungry congresspersons would bastardize it.

Now a “Fair-Tax” would be the ticket. There would have to be some built in protections against tinkering, such as declaring income taxes unconstitutional.

No matter; regardless of how much sense a flat or fair tax would make, congress is not going to give up the power and prestige that comes with making and granting tax loop-holes, etc.

You’re observing a pivotal point in our countries’ history. Never before have we had such a self-serving, corrupt ruling class in place as the last couple decades.

Never before have we had a majority of the citizens educated by the very same corrupt class that seeks to retain power.

Never before have we had a citizenry so disconnected from the real dangers facing our freedoms.