Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Generation ME

I have posted a few times that we are not raising our children correctly. I'll let someone else do the talking this time:

I shudder to think what a monster I would have become in the modern child-rearing era. Gorged on a diet of grade inflation, constant praise and materialistic entitlement, I probably would have succumbed to a life of heedless self- indulgence.
I totally agree. Kids are brought up to think they are God's gift to the world. Well, sorry, but we are not all created equal. We all have talents and weaknesses. It is healthy to know when we are not good at something.

we've built up the confidence of our kids, but in that process, we've created a generation of hot-house flowers puffed with a disproportionate sense of self-worth (the definition of narcissism) and without the resiliency skills they need when Mommy and Daddy can't fix something.
YES...Kids are so sheltered and taken care of they have no coping ability. They can't deal with anything, they cant handle anything.

That 30 percent of college students agree with the statement: "If I show up to every class, I deserve at least a B"?
When you praise everyone all the time even when they don't do a good job, they don't have a realistic sense of their actual ability or what it takes to do things well.

all that narcissism is a problem that can range from the discourteous—residential advisers at Southern lament students disregarding curfews, playing dance music until 3 a.m., demanding new room assignments at a moment's notice and failing to understand why professors won't let them make up an exam they were too hung over to take—to the disastrous—failed marriages, abusive working environments and billion-dollar Ponzi schemes. Seems that the flip side of all that confidence isn't prodigious success but antisocial behavior.

But no matter how you were raised, the handiest cure for narcissism used to be life. Whether through fate, circumstances or moral imperative, our culture kept hubris in check. Now, we encourage it.


American said...

Good post. Agree almost entirely with the post on 'ME' generation.

Ron said...

Game, I find your lunatic uber right ravings as pretty much worthless and not even in the field of my reality anymore.

However when you hit it you deserve to know.
Although I have to admit I don't personally know many young people these days, I find nothing to disagree with when it concerns people with this kind of behavior. I agree with you on this.

Scorpion said...

Ron...I find your point of view amusing and totally worthless...but I will compliment the fact that you do recognize that
there are issues on this RIGHT ON blog that point out things going on
every day that are out there right now.After forty plus years of working with kids on a daily basis..these things are not getting imagination in that....

blamin said...

I wonder if Ron is willing to admit who is at fault for pushing this destructive agenda.

It’s just so illustrative of many such ideas put forth by the same group of like-minded people.