Monday, April 13, 2009

Pirate story shows the liberal mindset and then the right way to do things

The pirates were in the wrong, and they were punished. Did it mean they had to be killed?
Not saying that.
The punishment has to fit the crime. Luckily in the military that rule still holds true. Once the pirates made it look like they were going to kill the Captain, they were taken care of...
We talked to them, we played nice...and with some people that works, others it does not.

Now we already have people upset because we made the other pirates mad. Now they are going to kill Americans next time they capture them.
To the common liberal, now their behavior is our fault.
They don't think about the fact the pirates are doing something wrong, that they are the ones killing innocent people or capturing ships.
Nope, blame the big bad USA.
Its a stark contrast between common sense and liberalism.
Same happens everywhere.
Liberal thought:
"We have to understand why terrorist hate us"

Lets see how the comments go the next few days.
Will liberals be happy the right thing is done, and call for the end of the pirate behavior all together, or will we get them being who they are: Blaming America first and want to know why the pirates do what they do. It doesn't matter if what the pirates do is wrong, just that it is our fault.


The Game said...

liberals are at it already:

Far left Daily Kos blog could hold it in no longer.

The pirates' modus operandi is that they hold the crew, ship, and cargo harmlessly until a lot of money is paid to them. Phillips "heroic" actions put his crew and himself at risk. If he'd done nothing except acquiesce to the pirates' demands, there would have been no risk, just possible discomfort until the extortion money was paid. Instead he put himself and the Seals at grave risk.

I applaud the crew, the Seals, and the military chain of command for their actions. I think Phillips was in error--if not a grandstander, then greatly misguided. Does anyone know what Maersk's orders to Phillips and the other Maersk masters are in a piracy matter? Probably to do nothing to incite trouble and to notify the shipowner and the U.S. Navy. The captain works for the shipowner and must follow those orders. The master who fails to follow the shipowner's orders is guilty of the crime of barratry if a financial injury to the shipowner results.
Only on the left are heroes like Captain Phillips, who put his life in danger for the freedom of his men, called grandstanders.

Anonymous said...

"This is what we get for electing someone who couldn't even vote yes or no on issues, someone who simply wants to run his mouth and never actually do anything..."

Ouch. Blaming Obama for not blabbing "Bring 'em on!" while the SEALS moved in was shortsighted and shows how far you have to go in understanding geopolitics. If we ramped up production of predator drones the Age of Pirates will quickly come to a close.

American said...

It's time to send a few predators (UAVs) and blow up the assets built by those individuals running their 'piracy' empire. Blow up their huge houses, expensive cars and boats - they get the message. Now that we have the fourth pirate in our custody, we should be able to get names of other individuals involved in this stuff.

However, I still don't understand why you have to turn everything into Liberal-bashing!! The hatred is quite honestly depressing. I don't know who is worse - "Blame america first" group OR "Blame Obama" (aka "Worship Rush Limbaugh") group!!

Jason H. Bowden said...

I congratulate Obama for killing the Somali pirates. Thomas Jefferson would be proud.

The Somalis now threatening to kill future American hostages are all bluster. Why? Because they collect hostages to get ransom cash; if they kill the hostages, they get no dinero, and their ass is definitely grass. But Obama demonstrated that if the pirates take hostages, their ass is still grass.

Again, kudos to Obama for letting pirates and any watching terrorist groups know not to fuck with us. Hopefully Obama learns from this -- trying to be liked gets us nothing, like the recent diplomacy baloney in Europe. Brute force is a far more reliable mechanism, especially when you're the strongest country in human history.

Jim said...

liberals are at it alreadyNo they aren't. I read that post on Daily Kos, (which is NOT a far left site. Code Pink is far left. Kos is liberal.) and there were 128 comments, 125 which were critical of the post and many of which called for it to be deleted.

On the other hand, I give you this from Casting Pears Before Swine:

Obama, ever the attention seeker, initially, and as usual, wrongly, thought this little crisis was not worth taking his time to bother with, especially since finally deciding on a family dog was certainly a more important decision for him to make.

The Game said...

Hey, I already gave Obama credit for doing the right thing in this case...he has a lot more decisions to make, maybe he can get on a roll...
Now, that compliment has officially beaten the compliments given to Bush in 8 years by 85 percent of liberals...

Ron said...

"I still don't understand why you have to turn everything into Liberal-bashing!! The hatred is quite honestly depressing. "

There is no rational discussion here because of this. The one who says it is a bad thing to be emotional is the one with the most emotional outbursts of all(now that pcd is gone). Isn't that always the way it works.