Tuesday, May 19, 2009

GM bankruptcy plan eyes quick sale to gov't

When I see this story I think about how Obama's ratings are still pretty good, yet I don't know one single person who likes what he is doing. I know a lot of liberals, some hard core. They might still vote for him because it is in their DNA, but they are wondering what the hell he is doing. All of them.
I knew it from the start, but Obama is changing this country in minutes.
So who is still approving of him?
1. white guilt liberals
2. free loaders
3. 90 percent of blacks

Thats about it...too bad there are so many of these people...


Jim said...

Did you actually read the whole article? The government has no intention of permanently owning GM. The idea is to buy the healthy assets to protect them from bankruptcy, then let the normal bankruptcy take its course. The government buys the assets to assure consumers that GM will remain a viable company with products they can feel confident in buying. This is designed to save the company, save jobs, and help investors and bond holders have a shot at recovering losses. Then the government will look to sell the assets back to private investors when the company is healthy again.

Got a problem with that?

The reason Obama has a high approval rating is that most people believe he is trying to do the right things to bring this country back on a solid foundation, and they don't have an irrational fear of the boogeyman in the White House as you do.

blamin said...

Jim, James, Jimmy Cracked Corn,

I have to give you this … you “stand by your man”.

Only a true bureaucrat loving die-hard would think the fed involved in our auto industry would be a good thing.

I’m sure all the stipulations placed on GM will be positive in the long-run. Let’s see, a massed-produced GM version of the Ford Fiesta will be just what the doctor ordered. I’m sure consumers will break down the doors. Yaaaa, that’s the ticket. Let the fed’s have the secured debt, leave the small suppliers out in the cold, empower the unions, and all will be fine and dandy! (at least through the next election)

Shiiyaat – when the unions are in control of their own future, without gov’t support, is when you’ll see rank and file union workers taking a bigger hit than they ever dreamed. I wonder how that will play out.

Anonymous said...

"Let the fed’s have the secured debt, leave the small suppliers out in the cold, empower the unions, and all will be fine and dandy! (at least through the next election)"

Worked with the bank bailout.

HumbleHumanity said...

The gov't has no desire to permanently own banks, auto, healthcare, oil, pharma.

I truly hope is all works out for everyone involved. Kind of like the public school, the DMV, social security, medicare, California, New York.

What a wonderful plan, Jim.

Anonymous said...

You are living in an echo-chamber! Just because you hate the president, it doesn't mean the whole country does!

Anonymous said...

When I was in Europe, four men could carry the smallest Fiat and move it across the street. This is what Jim and all the other liberals will be driving. Where will we put all the kids? On top of the roof? Oh that's right, you have a plan for this: abortion. We'll just be good little libs and only have two and abort the rest. You make me sick!!

Thanks Libs for destroying our country.

American said...

Hey Anon,
Your stupidity is amazing!! Improving the fuel efficiency doesn't mean that you build tiny cars where you can't fit your family. Next time you drive around, take a look and see how many cars have more than four people. (most of the cars will have one or two persons!!)

I understand that you don't want to cut down on oil consumption. You are too worried that oil companies and Arabs will make smaller profit.

Yes, keep crying with your "libs-destroyed-our-country" crap!

HumbleHumanity said...

American, (thanks for being just a plain ol' American)

Next time you drive around, take a look and see how many people are driving and relate that to the price of gas. This may be hard to follow, but, when gas is cheaper, people drive ..... the suspense..... MORE. If all our cars get better gas milage, then we will essentially be paying less for gas and then we can drive ..... more suspense ...... MORE. So common (American) sense is all that you need to see the truth. Higher MPG will result in smaller cars, fewer choices for those that don't get higher MPG and thus .......... grand finale ........ Anon makes a perfect observation

blamin said...

Good point Humble.

Liberals rarely think things through to the logical conclusion. You get beyond the "feels good" or "sounds good" stage and their heads start hurting.

It's why most Libs never want to consider the consequences of their actions - they just can't get their heads out of the feels/sounds good state.

It's also why most Libs suck at chess. Their inability to consider beyond the first 1 or 2 moves.

not taking Palin sticker off my truck said...

American, I doubt that you are the patriotic type of American like me. When was the last time you saw four car seats in one of these death traps. Yes, families are required to put their children in car seats.
You are destroying our country because you value the environment more than people. You libs have no religion and need to find a cause you can believe in. The cause du jour is global warming now. Back in the 70's it was population explosion. You continually need to replace the real God with some cause to make your stinky-self seem righteous.

I can smell a lib a mile away!!

American said...

I know you have issues in following simple questions since you only listen to your radio talk show hosts! Smiles... Are you saying that improving efficiency/MPG will result in smaller cars? See the truth is...we always try to make things more efficient. That's what smart people try to do in this world. Becoming more efficient doesn't mean 'giving up' things!! Have you heard something called 'technology'?? See....u understand now? (I know it's hard for you to understand).

@ Palin sticker lover:
Stop your garbage of calling yourself 'patriotic'. How can you call yourself 'patriotic' when you are willing to put more money in the hands of arabs who really love americans so much? smiles...
You can smell a lib? Oh, sure!! I can smell a 'dittohead'. So, you still think that improving MPG results in smaller cars, uh?

American said...

@ Blamin:

As usual, you don't want to grow beyond 'Liberal Vs Consrvative' mindset, uh? Improving efficiency is a logical/scientific thing to do. Sure - it 'feels good' when you do smart things. I wll be very happy if we become energy independent with our smart tehnology. Do you have issues?

So, in your twisted world view, there is no point in improving MPG? You think technology has reached a point where we can't improve the MPG without making cars smaller and throwing away features such as a/c and heater? I'm trying to understand if you have any logical points to make here other than predictable partisan attacks that you are known for.

HumbleHumanity said...

Mandated efficiency is not the same as market driven efficiency. Do you understand CAFE?

Car manuf. will be forced to maintain a higher average MPG. Natural selection (thanks Chuck) will kill off some, if not many of the lower MPG vehicles, ergo, less choice.

Now, I know you didn't just say that smarter people try to make things more efficient (was Biden an efficient pick for Pres HIQ Obama) Do you really want to go there mr. big government?

HumbleHumanity said...


What do you do? What line of work are you in?


blamin said...


I would think improving safety would be the logical/scientific thing to do. The last time I checked the stats; smaller cars were responsible for thousands of deaths on our roads yearly. There’s nothing wrong with a company voluntarily improving fuel efficiency if that’s what it wants to do or to meet the desires of the consumer.

If a company has technology that improves mpg without sacrificing size or safety, it’s already in place, oh ignorant one. With current tech, the only place to gain mpg is to sacrifice size and weight. Of course there’s nothing wrong with continuing R&D to find new breakthroughs, if the company/shareholders choose to do so.

Please, please, please, don’t blindly swallow the sludge being fed you. There are other motives and factors in play here.

blamin said...

HumbleHumanity said:


What do you do? What line of work are you in?”
I would venture to guess (based on his limited knowledge of business practices), he’s some type of bureaucrat in an obscure gov’t agency that has way too much power based on their original mission.

Peace Begins in the Womb said...

Yes Blamin, I bet he is a philosophy major who resents the business owner and soccer mom who drive trucks and vans which are devoid of COEXIST and OBAMA stickers. He really needs a shower and a shave. Plus, take that beret off and actually comb your hair, American.

American said...

@ Humblehumanity:
Mandated efficiency is a way of challenging our best brains to make things better. What's your issue if american cars get ahead of othre cars with their better MPG? Don't you want to see us using less oil, gettin better cars with better technology and put lesser money in the hands of Arab sheikhs? I know that conservatives like you hate any changes. But, don't you think there are some god changes like...making things more efficient, smart and superior to others? Or, Is it too hard for you to understand?

As to Biden - Well, don't you think he is better than Sarah Palin ?

American said...

@ Blamin:
I agree safety is an important thing. I'm not saying you need to compromise safety over something. It will be stupid. You seem to underestimate the power of innovation and technology. There is always scope for improvement. Don't you believe in science and technology? Or, Is it too hard for you to understand?

American said...

@ Blamin:
I agree safety is an important thing. I'm not saying you need to compromise safety over something. It will be stupid. You seem to underestimate the power of innovation and technology. There is always scope for improvement. Don't you believe in science and technology? Or, Is it too hard for you to understand?

American said...

"What do you do? What line of work are you in?"

Smiles...A simple, prehaps a sarcastic question from Humblehumnity has resulted in funny and equally stupid responses from two more 'dittoheads'. :)

I think I had already mentioned once before on this blog. Anyway - I do have my own company and clients in three different continents. From Milwaukee to UK to Asia. (Do you know what 'Information Techonology' is?? LOL) So, I definitely know a little bit of about Business!! Smiles... May be, one day in future, I can meet you for a coffee.

@ Humblehumanity: What do you do? Are you a teacher with tons of free time in your hand?

@ Blamin: Looking at your expected rants that hardly go beyond regular republican talking points, you must be a construcion worker listening to radio on your truck!! You are the kind of conservative, who can't save his marriage, goes thru divorces - but lectures world about family values!! Am I correct?

@ anon (Pro-life, Palin fan): Ummm...you are a typical 'dittohead' who think that you are a great american patriot because you have an american flag on your truck and listen to Rush everyday? Right? Have you read anything other than Republican talking point stickers on your truck? What kind of work you do? Plumbing? Smiles...

blamin said...

American said:

”…I do have my own company and clients in three different continents. From Milwaukee to UK to Asia. (Do you know what 'Information Techonology' is?? LOL)…”Let me translate, you’re a telephone tech support guy, who happens to be paid as a sub-contractor because it’s cheaper for companies than hiring you as an employee. Therefore you’re considered self-employed, or a sole proprietor. Perhaps you’ve formed an LLC or Sub-S corp for tax purposes or to make you feel you’re more important than your brethren in India.

I happen to be in the business of assisting other small to mid-size businesses in various ways to become more efficient. My clients are doctors, restauranteurs, artists, construction contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, automobile dealerships, lawyers, various repair services, distributors, farmers, military contractors, retailers, professional athletes, and individuals from various professions, just to name a few.

Which is why I can tell you with certainty, that there are no current, known, ways of producing an automobile more efficiently, that aren’t already in place, or in the process of being put in place. The auto industries, as all other successful business have always constantly sought ways to become more efficient and will continue to do so. NEWS FLASH, this is nothing new, and has been going on since before Obama ever even thought of strong-arming his first political opponent.The fact that you would champion as new, something that’s been going on since the first cave man tried to better himself, is evidence of your complete ignorance in such matters.

Just so you know I’m very happily married, going into my tenth year. Yes it’s my second marriage. My first being to a liberal suffering from bi-polar disorder. What can I say? I was young and thinking with the wrong head. We were both idealist, I happened to mature and become conservative in my philosophies, she sank faster and deeper into her disorder and remained liberal (a common failing, or shared trait if you will; that is, a liberal unable to confront reality). I’m currently happy, she’s currently miserable, in her fourth marriage, and blaming everyone for her misery except the person in the mirror. How typical. I hold no ill will, and help her when I can, but you know what they say about those unwilling to help themselves…

HumbleHumanity said...

Is Biden better than Palin? How would I know that. I know he is a idiot. Do you have a better description?

I am going to answer the question about my line of work in the same ambiguous manner that American did.

I am in resource allocation and logistics.

Your intentionally vague answer is very telling. Blamin is almost definitely spot on. Would Obama have the constitutional authority to dictate your business model?

One last thing. I don't want to overwhelm you with items, but.... Innovation and technology are not "real". They are words. Technology doesn't work, it doesn't wake up in the morning and go to the office(exactly the same as science which is simply a method of observation). Actual people have to innovate and technologize. What drives a car company to innovate? Making money. If people want little red wagon's (which some do) then they will produce more of that variety. If people want tanks, they will make tanks (and some do). The schools have successfully indoctrinated all of our kids that oil (dead plants and dino's) is a bad thing. So, there is your new market. Put your cute little 16 year girl in her little pink wagon and send her on her way, just remember the illegal immigrant who drives the tank to the construction site.

American said...

@ Blamin:
I didn't mean to get into your personal life. But, I clearly knew that you were a hypocrite. I am married for 16 years - No divorces. At the same, I don't go around preaching about family values, single moms and abortion!! People like you don't do what you preach. (Yea, yea - you have many excuses like as you did in your previous post!!)

You wrote - "I can tell you with certainty, that there are no current, known, ways of producing an automobile more efficiently". See again, you don't believe in change. You are stuck with what you know now. What's wrong in challenging it and raising the bar? That's how things get better. Your reluctance to acknowledge the future improvements and innovations has clearly exposed your caveman mentality.

American said...

@ Humbehumanity:
So you don't know how to anwer a question on Palin. But you are full of opinion when it comes to Biden? Smiles...What a predictable dittohead you are!!

So, have you created any jobs like I have? Or, you sit in a corner and work as a clerk for 8 hours? (Of course, listening to your talkshow host and blaming everyone but yourself). You don't have to feel inferior because I run a company and you don't. I respect everyone/every profession - something you probably not familiar with in your opiniated world!! Smiles...As I said, we can meet for a coffee one day and offer you some advices.

Your usual rants on "people demanding tanks" or "illegal immigrants" or "technology and innovation" honestly don't surprise me! Especially the scenario of "Illegal Immigrant" driving a tank while my little daughter in a little wagon!! Wooo...I'm scared!
(Just for the record - I am totally against Illegal Immigration.)

There is a huge market for drugs such as maijuana/Cocaine. Should we start selling them legally? So, are you saying that there should be no regulation at all?

Let me know when to stop. I don't want you to get totally overwhelmed.

HumbleHumanity said...

Please stop with Palin. How could anyone possibly know what or how she would do? And the Biden comment, that is a FACT. Who is arguing different? Even the libs think he is a joke.

1. Blame people for What? This blog is commentary. I make comments.

2. What is your company's WEB Page, you know that ww thing?

3. Go back and reread my comment. I didn't dis your job or your company. I dissed your ambiguity, I also said blamin was probably correct in his evaluation of your description (or lack thereof).
Please retract your statement (you can have your own apology tour) that said " respect everyone/every profession - something you probably not familiar with in your opiniated world!! "

4. This country is based on the idea of liberty. Do you argue that point?

5. If this whole idea about MPG were really about reducing dependance on foreign oil, then why not make it 45, 55, 65 MPG? Hell, if technology is going to save the world, then why not text technology and tell him to make a car that runs on imagination.

6. Or better yet, why are we still not drilling for our own oil.

7. The illegal comment was an illustration.(you know, like a parable) When my daughters get to be 16, I will put them in the car of my choice, not what the Obama administration says.

I will meet for coffee, just not between 11-2. Can't miss my talking points for the day.

American said...

Hey Humblehumanity,

All of a sudden, you agree with Libs when it comes to Biden, uh? Nice.

1. Nobody tried to stop you from making comments.

2. My web page? Nice try, dude. As an entrepreneur with sensitive relationship with business establishments, the last thing I want to do is...publish my personal details on a political blog!! (Seriously, do you know how sensitive is the business world and Client relationships are? Especially the ones that are public?) By the way, I can teach you a thing or two about web technology...smiles.

3. Well, nothing to apologize. Thanks for clarifications though!

4. Yes - Nobody argued that point.

5. Again, you are missing the point. And you clearly struggle with the concept of 'raising the bar/standard'. You take one step at a time. Do you follow me? You are jumping all over - What's your real issue with improving things?

6. Who argued with more drilling? I'm all for more drilling, nuclear, wind, solar - everything to become energy independent. See, I'm an American first. Not a republican or Democrat. Do you know what it means?

7. I understand. But, it also exposes your typical talking points. Even today, you can't guarantee that the car that your daughter drives is 100% safe. You probably have to build a special tanker for her!!

Peace Begins in the Womb said...

You have a simplistic view of conservatives. I don't need a talk show to tell me what to think. I am well read and educated and I have rejected all the liberal college indoctrination because it doesn't make sense. Conservatism makes sense and enhances humanity instead of taking away from it. Communism doesn't work because the producers always want to do better. Feurbach, Marx, Engles all had theories which when put into practice didn't work. Why liberals hold on to these disproven political philosphies is anyone's guess. I believe the 60's generation, unless they have gone conservative, were spoiled brats and felt guilty about their cushy upbringing. Unfortunatley, Obama hung around with these stupid radicals and now we have a ruined country.

How can you defend this huge deficit?

HumbleHumanity said...

1. You said I was blaming people for something?

2. I wasn't trying anything, just curious about you business.

3. Actually I think you should apologize to ME.

4. So, you believe in liberty. Then, why not encourage standards. Lets' just say you are wrong and cars actually have to get smaller and lighter, I now have less choice. Do you argue that?

5. Let's do take one step at a time. You are assuming that technology will simply increase MPG with no other changes in the car. If that was an assumption, what was it based on?

6. Obama argued. This whole debate is about Obama'a supposed claim that this will reduce oil dependency. It is clearly not about that or he would say open the flood gates, lets drill for our own. Instead, he said by 2016, (4 years from now) we will save blah blah blah gallons of imported oil. Why not do both?

7. No, I can't guarantee safety. Kind of like seatbelt laws. Do they guarantee safety, no. Give me the choice. This new standard may not affect car size, I hope it doesn't, but science texted me and told me that it takes more energy to move massive objects. Now I don't know what that means, but it sounds bad if you want a massive car.

American said...

@ Peace begins in WOmb:
"how can you defend this huge deficit"

Well, where were you during Bush administration? Didn't your masters in radio tell you what was going on? Geee.....

American said...

@ Humblehumanity:
I am not Obama. I have already given my opinion. As I said, I don't go with a party talking points. Instead, I go with what I believe is right.

Your questions on MPG shows your stuggle with science/technology. Not sure why you are so stuck with the notion that there is absolutely no room for improvement. Science always finds ways to make tihngs better. It could be by improving the energy conversion rate OR finding lighter but equally strong body parts OR cutting down the energy loss in current design OR....
There are so many ways.

I still don't understand why you are so negative towards the idea of making things better and becoming energy independent.

Your arguement about choices is flawed at best. What makes you think that you have choices today? You can't do everything you want. Are you for no-regulation-at-all kind of model? If so, would you be ok for lifting ban on drugs? What about same-sex marriage? Abortion? You are for choices, right?

The Game said...

three things:
1. We did complain at Bush's budgets...but comparing the two budgets is like comparing a light drizzle to Hurricane Katrina.
2. Your stupid notion that everything we say is from talk radio is annoying and the second you use it I immediately think less of you and the point you might have made.
3. If you want to be free from foreign oil, get the electric cars going and BUILD NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS...you could turn the entire country into a windmill farm and not power anything...give up on your environmentalist religion and just do what makes sense.

HumbleHumanity said...

Same-sex marriage? That is not a word. There is no such thing. Marriage by definition is a man and a woman.

Abortion? They choice was made. Let's ask the baby if they would like to live or die.

And yes, I would like to choose a very big car with and MPG of about 7. Then I would like to go in the forest and run over a bunch of baby trees. That is my choice.

American said...

@ Game:
What do you mean by "we did complain about Bush". Who are 'we'? I was asking the 'palin supporter' guy.

How is that stupid notion when I expose dittoheads when they repeat their talking points? I'm not trying to impress you here. If you are not a dittohead, why are you so 'sensitive' about it?

Your point on Nuclear plants and wind power once again exposes your talking points. See, I am for Nuclear power plants as well. I hope it's not too much if I ask those plants to be safe. I'm also for the wind power. What's wrong with safe,clean power resources? Can't you think outside your patry talking points?

American said...

Thanks for your very mature comments on MPG and forest. I knew you were very smart. I rest my case!! Smiles...

The Game said...

wind power costs so so so so so much more than nuclear and coal that it will never produce enough energy to take care of much of anything. That is the problem...
Nuclear is safe and actually makes enough energy for our needs.

HumbleHumanity said...

Smiles, I'm sure you will be all smiles when you are proven right. However, that is yet to be the case. If in 2016, we still have a great choice of vehicles, safe, and the world is saved from evil petrol (or at least the oil barrons are impoverished), I will smile with you. And admit I was wrong.

Maturity, that hurts. I will sleep poorly after reading that comment.

HumbleHumanity said...

mature -- Of, relating to, or characteristic of full development

American, you are stunted. Your development is arrested. You must moveon.org. You must forget Bush. Yes, he spent too much. Yes, he built up a deficit. He might even have horns and a bifurcated tail. Can we moveon.org NOW?

Lets have a mature conversations. You know, the one that includes the OBAMA deficit. Speaking of talking points. What is a dittohead. Someone who agrees with Rush Limbaugh? So you never agree with him? Let me guess, you listen to him and then decide what you believe.
Come on, grow up, mature already. I actually agree with Obama sometimes. What does that make me?

American said...

@ game:
I agree that wind power is no match for Nuclear power. It's not a fair thing to compare. However, I know that I don't have to evacuate a city if a wind turbine breaks down! Again, I am not against Nuclear as long as we handle it in a safe way. It has to be part of the portfolio. Solar power, wind power and other safe sources have to be part of the package as well. Unless there is a major scienific development, we are always going to be dependent on a number of sources for energy. Yes, including the fossil fuel. But, there is nothing wrong in improving the current situation.

American said...

@ Humblehumanity:
I should admit - Your sense of humor beats your maturity and smartness combined! Smiles...
I only wish you could come out of your box/cage/cave and see the reality. Well, it is never to late, right? :)