Friday, May 01, 2009

Milwaukee Radio rankings


blamin said...

This report points out a major problem with libweenies. Other than the obvious, in that they haven’t a clue, they actually believe they can continue their perceived dominance in the polls by targeting thugs, and thug wannabes, continue the slander of conservatives, and all will be fine and dandy.

But there is one major point they forget. A majority of Conservatives are consistently engaged in current events, while a huge portion of the libweeny vote consist of, let’s say, thugabies and the thugaby apologist – the pseudo-intellectual who have invested huge portions of their energy into garnering the thug vote.

A hint; to Libs, you can’t win. You can’t indefinitely sustain this farce. You possibly will screw up this country, causing untold suffering to the populace, but eventually the sane will overcome!

The numbers don’t lie. Conservatives are consistently more engaged than you can ever hope to duplicate. Ya, ya, you’ve got the main stream media on your side, you might win the debate among the “sound-bite” news audience, but the very obvious reasons you’re leading on certain fronts will be your ultimate downfall.

That is, issue by issue, conservatives are better and more informed than you can ever dream to be. The stats reinforce this.

The Game said...

if there are enough uninformed voters, and enough who WANT the govt to take care of them, they will win...