Monday, May 11, 2009

White House mum on Sykes’ GOP jokes

This is the type of discussion we should be having for an event like this...
Sykes is an idiot, she said stupid stuff, it is probably offensive to some or many, and that is that...
That is what happens when liberals say offensive things, and honestly that is how it should be..

HOWEVER, if a conservative says a wrong word, or even someone who might be liberal says something about a liberally protected victim group, they are hung out to dry.

See, in the PC world you are not allowed to say anything that might hurt someone's feelings. (this excludes Christian heterosexual middle aged white males).

Should Sykes lose her job?
Should she go on 35 talks shows and say she is sorry
Can we think she is an idiot
Yes...and that should be it.

Her punishment should be to hear from those of us who think she is stupid, and that is it.

This is a lesson on how free speech should work...but it is only allowed to be free speech when liberals allow it to be so...


Anonymous said...

Sykes should have gone looking for WMD in the WHite House. That would have been a hoot.

Marshall Art said...

And we see that anon shouldn't give up his day job to do stand up.

This is a non-issue for me. I think Game's take is a good one and seems to mirror my attitude. Normally, I find Sykes to be a stitch, but this event wasn't near her best stuff. It's only funny to lefties because they believe the anti-rightwing stuff upon which the jokes are based. We know they're based on lies so we don't find it funny.

But overall, who cares? When one considers the source, as well as who the source was trying to impress, it's not surprising at all.