Tuesday, June 23, 2009

GLAAD asks Perez Hilton to apologize for anti-gay slurs against Will.i.am

I think there is no doubt that Perez Hilton is the biggest douche in the world.
Just remember who this "guy" is
He is the one who was so offended by Miss California's answer about gay marriage

But he finds it just fine to use the word faggot....

Just proves the phony outrage by people like him...
He successfully punished someone for stating their own beliefs.
1. "tolerant" liberals like him are supposed to be okay with people stating their own personal opinion, but in reality we understand tolerant means that everyone has to think the way they think.
2. Miss California was punished for stating a belief 70% of Americans have and more than 50% of people from super liberal California think...

Way to go Perez Hilton, super douche...you should be punched in the face every day.


The Game said...

glad that GLADD stayed consistant and didn't give this waste of space a pass cause he is gay