Wednesday, June 24, 2009

State run television infomerical on health care tonight

Here is what the American people think about Obama's plan:

A new Washington Post-ABC poll found that most Americans are "very concerned" that a health care overhaul would lead to higher costs, lower quality, fewer choices, a bigger deficit, diminished insurance coverage and more government bureaucracy. About six in 10 are at least somewhat worried about all of these factors, the poll found.
More than eight in 10 said they were satisfied with the quality of care they now receive and were relatively content with their own current expenses.


American said...

Just curious - you look at the polls only when it suits your political views or what?

Coming back to the healthcare issue - Are you saying that what we have is the best? Do you see areas of improvement to make it more affordable and more competitive? I'm open minded.

Jim said...

Did you read the Wapo's article about the poll? Here's the first sentence: "A majority of Americans see government action as critical to controlling runaway health-care costs". Are they worried about the cost? Who isn't, but as the President noted, "Premiums have been doubling every nine years, going up three times faster than wages".

You keep referring to "Obama's health plan". Could you please link to the plan? Because there isn't a plan yet. Congress is putting something together, but so far that's it. Please show us "Obama's plan". Thanks.

Jim said...

Oh, and have you seen this "infomercial." Oh, that's right it hasn't aired yet, so I guess you haven't. So you really have no idea what the content of the program is do you?

More knee-jerk reaction.

Jim said...

Wow! Charlie and Diane really let him skate, didn't they?