Tuesday, July 07, 2009

State schools chief wants more from Milwaukee

I'm sorry, but as I read this all I can think about is that no one ever wants to address the actual problem. If you can not change the communities attitude toward education, teen parenting, personal responsibility and hard work, nothing you do in schools is going to make a big impact. However, no one wants to or knows how to address the actual problem, so we spend millions, even billions making very small gains.

The only way MPS or any other urban public school will ever get to an acceptable level is to change the attitude and environment the students come from.


Scorpion said...

You mean GAME...these students have to go to school and do school every day...parents need to make sure their kids are in school every day...wonder if the new supt.
knows the MPS grade point average of high schoolers who do school every day....nah..even the school board probably doesn't know.....