Thursday, July 02, 2009

Where is the stimulus?

We had to pass it RIGHT NOW
The whole country would crumble if we didn't stuff a bill with tons and tons of wasteful, devastating amounts of spending...
Where is it?
Where is the improvement?
More to add to the list of the man who can read well off a teleprompter but really doesn't do anything productive...and like all liberals programs, not successful at all.

Dow Slides Almost 200 After Weak Jobs Report
467K jobs cut in June; jobless rate at 9.5 percent


Jason H. Bowden said...

As always, it is because we didn't spend and regulate *enough*! Increase the dosage!

blamin said...

Stick the needle in and give it a fast and hard push on the plunger!

I know there’s lurckers out there. Feeling kind of stupid right about now aren’t you?

What a disappointment Obama must be!

Jim said...

Feeling stupid how? That we didn't vote for McCain? Get real. The economy would be in freefall with "the economy is not my strong point" McCain and we'd be at war with Iran and Korea.

Unlike your constant claims, nobody who supports Obama thinks he is a Messiah or perfect. We are disappointed in some things, mainly that he is NOT progressive enough. we want him to stop trying to be bi-partisan and press the progressive agenda through. Universal health care now!

American said...

Where is the Stimulus???

oh well - can we be little more patient? I didn't expect Bush to turn things around in Iraq within weeks. It took him years to show some good progress.

Why different standards?