Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Which is grass-roots and which is an organized mob?

At a townhall meeting in Milwaukee today, there were two groups of people.
Those who were for obamacare, and those against it.
The liberal media and dems have been saying the opposition is some organized mob, like it is fabricated, not real opposition.
So tell me this...why were the people against the plan holding handmade signs and the people for obamacare holding factory made signs and wearing factory made t-shirts?
Which one is the organized mob again?

see pics here


American said...

Well - the bigger question is - How did they behave? I don't care if they were holding handmade or factory-made or china-made signs. Did they interrupt/stop the debate/discussion with shoutings as we have seen all over the country for the past one week? Or, they were civil in their protest?

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the supporters of Healthcare start acting aggressive in response to the behavior of those who oppose it. As we all know, radical behavior encourages more radical behavior.

footballmom said...

Game, how many of these people responded to George Soros' Craig's list ad to be grass-roots supporters for Obamacare. The libs have to pay their protesters while the real protesters come because they don't believe in socialism.

All conservatives please report yourself to if you don't support socialized healthcare. Send some nice tea party pictures.

Anonymous said...

The phony health care debate is a diversion from Rove's upcoming indictment for orchaestrating US Attorney firings and lying under oath.

PCD said...

Anonymous Dolt, US Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President. He can fire the whole lot as Clinton did for no reason.

You are just pissed because Rove wasn't killed for some reason or other.

Jim said...

PC, our dumminess is astounding. You don't know what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Mass firings of U.S. attorneys are fairly common when a new president takes office, but not in a second-term administration. Bush and Clinton - as is customary - relieved all 93 US Attorneys appointed by their predecessor. Prosecutors are usually appointed for four-year terms, but they are typically allowed to stay on the job if the president who appointed them is re-elected.

Rove targeted the US Attorneys who weren't towing the line on prosecuting voter fraud cases - even if none existed. Others may want Rove's head on a stake - I'll be pleased when he's held accountable for his actions.

PCD said...

Jim, you just are unhappy that other people have free speech. Obama and the Democrats haven't had the guts to try to repeal the 1st Amendment.

PCD said...

anon, meaning you are trying to criminalize a policy disagreement. Then, when the GOP gets in power, we should jail you just because, right?

Anonymous said...

That's assuming the GOP gets back into power. At the rate they're cannibalizing each other over who's more loony, it'd be shocking if they were competitive even by 2020.

You'll have a better understanding of your chances based on how quickly Palin is marginalized by GOP's rational wing. If her circus is still in town in 2012, she'll be the spitting image of Mondale in the '84 election vs. the popular incumbent. Everyone remembers what a boob Mondale was, now he'll have appropriate company.