Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wisconsin State Fair Day 6: Monday August 10th review and Tuesday August 11th preview

Review of the grandstand show: MercyMe...The Wisconsin State Fair grandstand held worship services for around 5500 Monday night. If you were not aware of who these guys were, you would think they were a pop/rock band, minus all the talk about worship and Jesus. The messages heard from the stage were inspiring and a nice change of pace from all the stuff you have to read about in the papers. It was not over the top or too preachy. MercyMe had atleast one radio hit, "I can only imagine" is the name, I think. As expected, these were very nice guys who were very appreciative of what they have and everyone around them. They met with their meet and greet fans for as long as each group wanted. Overall, a good music show with a message we could all use to hear a little more often. One of the highlights was a song that was originally written for his father who passed away when he was 19, but has turned into a song for military families waiting to see their loved ones again. There was a nice tribute to the troops, again, another nice change of pace to have someone who actually appreciates the troops as opposed to just saying you support them while you bash everything they do.

Fun story: Found out that one of the carnival ride operators was arrested yesterday for starting up a ride then spending the next few minutes smoking weed. The good thing was that the kids did get a longer ride than usual...

Eating more food: OMG!!!! If you do not get a deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich you are insane. They are so so so so so so good. Forget the chocolate covered bacon. Today I also had a huge turkey leg, apple donut, Herb Kohl milk and corn.....ummmm...oh ya, and one more cream puff...

Preview for Tuesday, Auguast 11th

Time Warner Cable Mainstage:
Big and Rich w/ Candy Coburn 730pm

Crazy Grazin Day
Come hungry and ready to graze! Numerous food vendors will offer delicious menu items in smaller portions and at reduced prices so you can go “Crazy Grazin’” through the Fair. Look for vendors with “Crazy Grazin’” posters in the window of their locations. 8am until 10pm

KIDS SAFETY DAY brought to you by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association will provide parents the ability to have a photo ID card of their child created and fingerprints taken. Parents will be provided with the data for use in the event of a situation where their child is lost or abducted.

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