Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wisconsin State Fair Day 7 and 8

Big and Rich Review: Wow...where do I begin. First of all, I do not think many people know that Big and Rich can not stand eachother. They come in different buses, they do not talk at all, at their meet and greet they have two foot fred and cowboy troy stand between them, they have a good part of their concert where they are not even on the same stage together. Why is this? Well, I think there are two reasons. 1) Big Kenny is not married and have a kid and doesn't want to do all the crazy things they both used to do and that John Rich did Tuesday night backstage at the Wisconsin State Fair. 2) Big Kenny is a peace loving hippie and Rich is a hard core conservative. Kenny spent his solo part of the show talking about loving everyone and peace and everyone getting along, then Rich came on and sang a whole bunch of songs about vets and war. He went on a tangent talking about how America used to be a country where people worked hard, and its good if you have to struggle and fail, hinting to how terrible it is that our govt "bails out" everyone all the time.

They did play for two hours, and they played all their hits, Save a horse ride a cowboy, the 8th of November and lost in this moment to name a few. It was by far the most elaborate set up of the fair and the 5900 in attendance made it the biggest crowd of the fair.

backstage after the show I saw some of the craziest stuff I have ever seen. There was a midget giving lumberjills rides on his scooter, there was some sort of indian/african tribal drum ceremony by Big Kenny's bus. It is possible the quickly shirt-less Kenny might have been sober acting like that, but i would seriously doubt it. There were strippers and chicks from the crowd brought over to Rich's bus, which had a strip club feel equipped with couches, a stripper poll and a loud sound system. However, the strippers went on his bus and were still on there 45 minutes later when I left. All in all, a very weird night.

Review for the Wallflowers:
First of all, they had an opening act that sounded very good (GRACE POTTER and the NOCTURNALS) . They were a bunch of hippies, but they jamed out and played with high energy. I thought they were more entertaining than the Jakob Dylan band that played later. The Wallflowers played a mellow set for the crowd of maybe 1000. Not a terrible show, not a great show. Pretty bland, just like their music.

Preview for Thursday, August 13th

Time Warner Cable Mainstage: Davy Jones of the monkeesGary Puckett / The Spencer Davis Group 730pm

golden guernsey dairy Day - thursday, august 13Golden Guernsey Dairy invites you and your family to join them in Central Mall on Thursday, August 13 from 9am - 4pm for delicious dairy samples, fun family activities and great raffle prizes including FREE MILK for a year! Other activities include the Celebrity Cream Puff Eating Contest and Milk Rocks concert.

Noon Cream Puff Eating Contest

Lumberjills 130, 430, 730

Cousins Subs® Amphitheater with Nightly Entertainment presented by Leinenkugel's
7pm Blue Oyster Cult

Budweiser music pavillion
Chasin Mason 7-11

Charcoal Grill
Pat McCurdy 630-9

Miller Lite Sports Bar
The Toys 645-1045


Scorpion said...

GAME...CANDY COBURN was the real star of the night....she will become a very popular star very soon...everyone should check out the PINK WARRIOR at her website...
this great song totally supports breast cancer research...

Missy said...

I can't say that I agree or disagree with your review. However, I think that you need to check your info both Kenny and John are married men.

The Game said...

John didn't act like it..saw it with my own eyes