Friday, August 07, 2009

Wisconsin State Fair: Thursday, August 6th review and Day 2

Mainstage Foreigner Review: It's been a long time that an act has been at the Mainstage where I could say that I knew all but two songs they sang. I was not very excited to see Foreigner Thursday night to open the 2009 Wisconsin State Fair, but they played 14 songs over the span of an hour and 45 minutes and I knew all but two. The 4500 at the show were definitely not "cold as ice" but were rather "hot blooded" for this 80's group. The show was high energy, and after only a few songs the lead singer had already climbed the side of the stage up to the lights and walked through the crowd on his own. The only problem with the show is that too many people with "VIP" backstage passes decided they wanted to "Know what love is" with large quantities of alcohol. This was the worst show in a while with people backstage wanting to do what they shouldnt be doing. It didn't help that there seemed to be 4 different managers with all access passes, meaning that they could do whatever they wanted. One of them decided that meant bringing 4 people without passes backstage and letting 3 drunk girls on stage..making a different manager mad. That makes security look bad. Overall not a huge problem, and the fact that the show was good made things okay. Some other hits included Double vision, head games, too late, say you will, feels like the first time, urgent, and juke box hero. I am not sure how many of these guys were original members, but the lead singer and the rest of the band sounded as if it was 1985 all over again. One funny story...the lead singer came out of his dressing room and asked what he should call the crowd. He knew he was not technically in Milwaukee but we said he could say Milwaukee and the crowd would like it. He asked us if we were sure 3 or 4 times and said he didn't want to look like an ass. After the second song he asked Milwaukee how they were loud applause.
First day at the fair: Took my wife, kid, sister-in-law and mother-in-law..First thing that 1015am, my wife told me that someone was throwing up in the stall next to her. Now, it is true this might have been a result of drinking the night before, but you can start drinking beer around 8am at the Fair some it is possible this was just someone with great determination and dedication to drinking. I'll just run down the list of things we saw and ate (you figure out which is which): mini-donuts, cream puff, corn dog, horse, cows, milk, baked potato, pork sandwich
Preview for Friday August 7th

Time Warner Cable (which as no functional cable) Mainstage:
Jackyl/dokkenwith Slaughter 730pm

Cousins subs Amphitheater
1:30 & 3:15pm Kids from Wisconsin
5 & 10pm golden dragon acrobats
7 & 8:30pm Herman’s Hermits starring Barry Whitwam

Budweiser 8-midnight The Britins
Charcoal Grill 7-11 Black Top Kings
Miller Lite 330-730 The Now 8-midnight First Kiss
Miller Lite sports bar 745-1145 The LoveMonkeys
Saz's Ribs 330-730 The Booze Brothers 8-midnight Mt. Olive

There is so much more..visit here for total lineup


Scorpion said...

GAME...Foreigner did a really nice imagination in that...

sfp940 said...

Only one original member, Mick Jones ... still able to put on a good show.