Thursday, September 03, 2009

Healthcare activist bites off finger of counter-demonstrator, authorities say

So much for the peace, love and understanding
Did they leave that protest and throw rocks through an army recruit station or did they show even more liberal tolerance and fake a hate crime.


Realism said...

Somehow I'm not surprised that you forgot to mention that the guy who's finger got bit off hit the biter in the face first....

I wonder if, after he got his finger sewed back on, he went and vandalized a democratic headquarters office and then perhaps he carved a backwards "B" into his face?

PCD said...

Realism, the old guy was accosted by the move.on goon. That was self defense. The good went on to assault and battery.

Oh, now you crediting the GOP with a Democrat's handiwork? What a F-ing tool you are.

I suppose you condone the President's astroturfing of the town halls. Yes, you do. Claim you are a doctor in favor of Obama's Kervorkiancare?

Andy said...

Keep peddling the "Death Panels" myth. Click your heels twice and maybe, just maybe it'll be true!

ReasonableCitizen said...

What kind of a world do we live in when we blame the political party for fist fights and bitten fingers?

Does anyone really believe these are the traits of the party and not the traits of the belligerents?

How sad that everything is partisan. Next thing you know McDonald's will be Republican fast food and Burger King will be Democratic fast food. (Monopoly game vs Have it your way...)

The Game said...

I love the BK chicken can BK be conservative?