Tuesday, September 15, 2009

President's opinion of Kanye West sparks debate

What Obama said is not the problem, he is correct..West is a jack-ass.
The issue is that Obama does so many interviews, is so available and out there that he is going to say things that most people believe the President of the United States should not be saying.

So I guess I am playing the middle of the road on this one.
What is said is correct, but the POTUS should not be saying stuff like that about individual citizens on a weekly basis.

Remember how bent out of shape the media got when they heard Bush and Cheney call a reporter a major league asshole? I'm sure the guy was an asshole. The fact the media went nuts about that and not this (yet) shows a double standard.

All in all, lets focus on the complete change in the way of life of the people of the United States, not on this gay fish.


Norm said...

Kudos on the fish sticks reference.

I agree with the professor cited in the article- government officials should employ common sense when mic'd.

American said...

In other words, even when you fully agree with President, you will find something to disagree on and shift your entire focus on the 'disagreement' ? Am I reading you correct?