Monday, October 19, 2009

Doyle: Mayoral control of MPS key to getting stimulus money

Please, someone tell me what will improve by having the mayor of a big city in charge of the public school system.
Let's get a real dialog going...
List the pro's and con's....


footballmom said...

Well Game, it is worth a try because nothing has been changed so far. There are many excellent teachers who are being led by incompetent administrators who are cronies of the administration. Maybe if we bring in someone who didn't rise from the ranks of MPS, things might change. I don't know if substanial change will happen, but it is worth a try.

The Game said...

I'm sorry, but I do not like that logic.
Why does MPS fail?
The actual answer is because no one will admit the problem is the community the kids come from.
Since no one can admit that and try and educate parents, nothing will ever get better no matter who runs the schools.

The reason for having the mayor take over is to get rid of the unions. That is the actual answer.
I understand there are many bad teachers protected from the unions, but what is the alternative?
There are simply not enough quality teachers who want to take on the very difficult task of dealing with these kids. We have many classrooms filled by subs and other non-qualified adults because that there has to be an adult in the classroom.
so the mayor take-over is just another song and dance. it doesn't do anything to address any of the real problems of MPS.
Administration is a problem, but it is the same problem at the teachers...there are not enough high quality professionals who want to deal with poor staff and difficult students. They are off in the 'burbs having a much easier time of things.
If anyone can give me something that the mayor will do differently to actually make MPS better let me know.

Scorpion said...

Once again...the dullard Doyle is clueless..the boob Barrett cannot run the will he fix the schools...not a chance..there is absolutely nothing the mayor would do better to make MPS better..

Anonymous said...

Maybe a new MPS slogan could help.

If you don't want to be like your parents, Get an education.

Anonymous said...

Nah, as long as they're handing out free money to keep you poor That slogan will never work.

footballmom said...

Game, good argument. I appreciate that you are on the front lines actually trying to help students.

So what you are saying is that there is no hope for Milwaukee and we have to keep this idiot school board and an equally clueless superintendent. I understand that the kids come from bad communities, but we are paying for so much waste which could be curbed.

Look at Charlene Hardin getting paid to go to a conference and she went sight-seeing instead. Look at Blewett who took the French Immersion from the south-side and put it at 52nd and North against the wishes of most of the parents. This school wasn't even in his district and he conspired with the administration to move the school. Additionally, Falk called Tippecanoe parents, "elitist." They claim that they want the middle class parents to stay here and pull all kinds of stunts to alienate them. These big issues are what I really would love to see changed.

The board supports the union instead of working for the people who elected them. I have called my Board Members and nobody returned my calls.

Getting rid of the board would be one thing Barrett should do. Getting rid of the residency requirement should be the second thing. The third thing he should do after he gets rid of the board is to convene a group of smart teachers, like you, Game, to come up with ideas for the district. Do you agree?

The Game said...

It is so nice to have an actual debate here...

It is not hopeless, but here is the problem.
You state very good examples of MPS doing stupid things. Well, this is a liberal city and all these "liberals" will elect their kind to run things. So you have a good number of people in the city who have no clue how to take care of themselves, no idea how to parent, don't have skills to have a job, and they are electing people to the board. Falk basically told south side parents they were racist because they would not send their kids to Bay View. Bay View is a great example of the people elected not knowing a thing about how to make it better. Bay View is now doomed to close when no one wants to go there.

MPS is completely indoctrinated with liberalism. I would say if Republicans could get their people in there that would help, but it will not. The push-back would be so strong that nothing would get done. These people believe what they believe, and since everyone thinks the exact same thing they never hear anything different. There is no way to have anything new come in.

If the mayor wanted to bust balls and start cleaning house of all these people that might work, but his philosophy is too close to their own, so how is that going to help.

Most schools are hell holes so how are you going to get quality teachers to come here? Yes, getting rid of residency would help. However, how long would they stay when they saw all the morons around them perpetuating the learned helplessness and low standards that are common in the inner city?

footballmom said...

Excellent points, Game. I guess they are doomed because the statists have MPS in a chokehold.

So, getting rid of the residency requirement would be a good thing to do. You are right that suburban teachers would be aghast at the kind of work conditions MPS teachers are subjected to.

What about several boot camp schools for the really unruly kids? Could we at least try this?

A NY bishop suggested that the bottom 10% of NY's kids be educated in Catholic schools to prove that they are teachable. What about the private schools taking the worst-achieving kids in MPS. Would that work?

I admit I am a glass full type of person. Give me some hope, Game.

The Game said...

I am sure the boarding schools would work, catholic schools MIGHT work, but if there is NO support from home they will not. That is the problem. There has to be back up from home no matter what is done at school. the kids might be better off anyway but not by much.

taking the kids out of the terrible environment would work for sure, but parents will not do it because they might lose all the free money from the govt

I'm at a conference in chicago so I am not sure how much I can respond..pleasure talking to you

footballmom said...

Thanks Game. I heard school board member Bonds all over the radio here just extolling the virtues of the status quo. I would like to get rid of the board and have a board of teachers, not union admin. types, lead the school system. That would be a start. What do you think about getting rid of tenure for teachers? It would be replaced by a merit-type system. I know the union would hate this. Thanks for responding.

Oh, by the way, aren't Chicago's schools under the control of the mayor? How is that working out?

The Game said...

merit pay is okay if it is value based..meaning you take in account where the kid started and where they would not be fair to say a teacher who had kids in 7th grade who started in a 3rd grade level but moved to 5th grade should get punished while teachers at arrowhead have kids in 3rd grade who already read at a 7th grade level...If the difference from pre/post is the merit pay then I am for it.

Tenure is difficult. IF IF IF administrators and others who evaluate did not have personal bias and IF there were NO bad administrators I would be okay with no tenure because the union and tenure allows some REALLY REALLY bad teachers stay.
The problem is that there are some really good teachers that might fight with the Principal on things, and even if the teacher is right they will be eliminated..that is the fact.

sorry, that is all the time I have right now..thanks for the good debate...