Monday, October 12, 2009

Late-Night Comedians Turning on Obama

I know this does not sound like a big deal, but it might be.
Even with the liberal media and every else making it a federal crime to mock or criticize Obama, his approval numbers were just below 50%.
There are A LOT of people who really can not think on their own and are waiting for an invitation to rip this guy. They feel that he is not doing a good job but not secure enough in their beliefs to say so openly and publicly.
Now it is starting to be okay to rip him in public. It is apart of what everyone is doing, and is no longer racist or evil.
I was at homecoming this weekend and there was not one person who would defend Obama on either SNL skit.
If anyone said anything they would say "he's better than Bush" that that was it.
Anyway, have to go..


American said...

I thought all the media, comedians and entertainment were liberals....

Realism said...

"Late Night Comedians Turning on Obama"

Picture Michelle wearing a nightie and a conan obrien mask.