Monday, October 05, 2009

Will California become America's first failed state?

Here is your text-book liberal state.
Why is it bankrupt?
Why does it fail?
This is a place where liberalism runs free and does whatever it wants...and we can see what happens.
This will be our entire nation if we keep liberals in power.
And when one of you liberals want to try and say CA's governor is a conservative you should next call up one of those death panels and make an appointment


Realism said...

the problem is that they spend like liberals and tax like conservatives. You can't have it both ways.

American said...

Approximately 8 years ago, Cali was one of the biggest economies - 6th or 7th largest one in the world if it were an independent nation.
I'm not trying to defend anyone here - but ups and downs are quite common in today's economy. Another thing - as far as I nkow, states can't print money!!

The Game said...

both points have merit...maybe.
I do not know a lot about California tax rates, but they clearly spend like liberals, have social programs like liberals and liberal policies..

They are showing what happens when you have more and more taking and less and less giving

Jim said...

I'll clue you into a few things about California that you may not know of may have forgotten.

First, California is governed more by the state ballot proposition than by the legislature. So anybody, organization, interest or company that can get enough signatures to put something on a ballot and raise and spend enough money to talk people into voting for it can pass "laws." There is no deliberation, negotiation, compromise, etc. done by an effective legislature. So stuff gets passed often without regard to sources of funding.

Next, the legislature can't pass a budget without a 2/3 majority. That means that the state goes for weeks or months without a budget and the state is held hostage to the Republican minority who refuses to compromise. So problems get kicked down the road.

Next, California faces a deficit of about $30 billion dollars. Coincidentally, the State of California was bilked out of about $30 billion by the thieving Enron traders in 2000-2001. This is well-documented, and it is also well-documented that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission refused to do anything about Enron's rape of the state. Just so happens that FERC was headed by Bush appointee selected by Enron's Ken Lay.

California is liberal in some respects compared to other states, more socially than fiscally. California is large and has a large population with large demographic variations.

California's top individual MARGINAL tax rate is 11%.

Where is the failed liberalism here?

PCD said...

California is a failed liberal state, period.

A lone liberal Democrat caused the Orange County Bankruptcy.

Jim said...

P-Clueless-Dummy has spoken!

Anonymous said...

OC declared bankruptcy in '89. Not a peep from Dorkin and his failed publicans at the time...

ReasonableCitizen said...

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning."

Please identify the conservative state or country that you admire and explain your answer.