Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jesse Jackson: 'You can't vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man'

This is the mentality of liberals.
You MUST agree with them.
If you are black but are not liberal you are not really black.
Minorities must do what they are told is best for them and their community or they can not walk under the umbrella and protection of the race card party.

Yes, you might be wondering how this is possible from people who claim to be open-minded and understanding of all people.

Of course we know that is not true, and it is proven here again.
Just like last week when anyone who called a county board member telling them to not raise property taxes was called a thug or a racist.

This coming from liberals...its almost too funny to take seriously.
All liberals do is organize, write emails, letters, make phone calls and protest.

I will be waiting for the next time a liberal group makes a bunch of phone calls or protests..we will see if they are called thugs as well.


Anonymous said...

And this never happens at the other end of the political spectrum, certainly not in NY-23...

You can't support these certain programs/vote a certain way and be a Republican!

Realism said...

Since when does jesse jackson = 'liberals'? IIRC, he tried a few times to run for office. How many liberals voted for him?