Friday, November 06, 2009

Jobless rate tops 10 pct. for first time since '83

Well done Dems..
glad that Trillion dollars of stimulus has worked so well...


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Just when we thought Reagan's unemployment record was out of reach...but don't wingnuts blame Carter for the early '80s downturn? So shouldn't Bush get some credit for 2009?

The Game said...

thank you so much for making that talking point..thank you thank you thank you...

1. When Reagan took over things were even worse than when Obama took over..look at inflation rates for one..
2. even if you want to argue that is not true, then lets look at philosophy. Reagan CUT taxes and gave people their own money. That method of fixing the economy takes between 1.5-2 years depending on how bad it is. It took Reagan just over 2 years to turn it around and give us a great economy. That was giving people their money back, making govt smaller.
Obama yelled and demanded we TAKE one trillion dollars AWAY from the people and have the govt get bigger. In one year that has done nothing. Things are worse and many economist agree that the "stimulus" has only slowed down the natural recovery that would have happened.
We are seeing that the stiumulus has not really created any jobs, just people lying on forms..
This is a joke.
Thank you for bring up the correct way to fix the economy..great way to compare it to this joke.

Anonymous said...'s a good thing that sensible Americans gave Reagan 2 years to get the economy turned around. Imagine if they had declared him a failure after only 9 months when inflation and unemployment were at record highs!

Bush gave a trillion-plus dollars to the rich people who create jobs. Yet Bush left office as the only two-term POTUS to lose jobs. What's up with that Game?

The Game said...

its called 9-11 moron..god are you stupid.
The tax cuts for the rich is even more stupid..stay "anon" I feel sorry for what a huge simpleton you are..

Anonymous said...

When did we stop blaming the economy's woes on 9/11? Was there a cut-off date?

Marshall Art said...

Actually, as I recall, the economy was doing rather well in spite of 9/11, Katrina and a war on two fronts. Constant month to month growth for over 50 months, when it really started to turn after the 2006 midterms. Let's see. Who controlled Congress after that? Hmmm. I'm sure I'll remember eventually. And who was saying Fanny and Freddy were just fine and dandy?

But I digress. Ya know that too many Repubs, including Bush, were acting in a decidedly unRepub manner as regards spending, so we must assume at least some responsibility for the current mess. But what were the Dems doing all that time, and especially once they regained control of Congress? Were they fighting against spending? I don't think so. Barry inherited a mess he helped to create. Then, because he thought he could do better than George, Barry spent four times as much.

Oh hell, everyone who was paying attention knows this story. Lefties will deny the truth forever. It's Barry's job now and he's doing nothing but hurtin' and making things worse.