Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Doing home improvement using the Obama method

Dear Mr. Contractor,
I know we spoke on the phone and you said you needed 1000 square feet of shingles for the roof, but for now I will give you 750 and ask my neighbors if they can chip in and buy the remaining 250. Also, you told me that you might be done on Friday but might need some time on Saturday to finish the job. My wife is very upset by this and told me we should have never even committed to a new roof. You must be out by Friday 5pm if the job is finished or not. I understand that if you leave with the roof not finished vandals are likely to take what has already been done for themselves. That does not matter because I must make my wife happy. There is no way I am going to get sucked into an endless roofing job with no end game.

In the end what is important is that I made it look like I wanted a new roof. I will spend the money on the new roof yet when you leave it is very likely the end product will be something worse than when I started. At that point I will just blame the previous owners for letting the roof deteriorate to a level that could not possibly be fixed.

Thank you for your time
Barack Obama


Realism said...

Yeah, except in this case you would be fixing the roof of a poor family in the wrong part of town.

And last guy said that they were gonna fix the roof 7 years ago, only they just came in and tore the shingles off, then left to "fix" somebody else's house, leaving this house to get ruined by the rain leaking in for all those years.

In the meantime, the last guy also blew the entire budget taking his supply house buddys out to drink, and paying double for supplies, leaving barely enough money for payroll.

So, yeah.

TerryN said...

I think I get the last comment. Obama can do no wrong because it's all Bush's fault.

Realism said...

Are you capable of holding an opinion more complex than what can be expressed on a bumper sticker?

Realism said...

Also, you seem to have trouble with the concept of "cause and effect". Might want to work on that.