Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Obama's 47 Percent Approval Lowest of Any President at This Point

-- George W. Bush, 86 percent
-- Bill Clinton, 52 percent
-- George H.W. Bush, 71 percent
-- Ronald Reagan, 49 percent
-- Jimmy Carter, 57 percent
-- Gerald Ford, 52 percent
-- Richard Nixon, 59 percent-
- Lyndon Johnson, 74 percent
-- John Kennedy, 77 percent
-- Dwight Eisenhower, 69 percent
-- Harry Truman, 49 percent


Jim said...

The latest Gallup daily tracking poll is 50%, up from 47%. Reagan was 49%. Yippee!

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing our President has prevented any terrorist attacks on the Homeland, or his approval rating would be 86%.

Realism said...

Wait, I thought you said polls don't mean jack squat?

Marshall Art said...

Apparently they don't for you guys when they go the wrong way. I find it pathetic that anyone approves of the guy at all. He's accomplished nothing beyond getting suckers to approve of him and his "work".

Jim said...

Boom! Just like that, back up to 52%.