Monday, January 25, 2010

American's don't want liberals destroying their health care...

"A minority of 32% of Americans say President Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress are right to make healthcare reform their top priority at this time."


Jim said...

So how are you all feeling about the activist judges on the Roberts court saying that corporations including foreign-owned corporations can spend as much money as they want to buy politicians?

Any comment?

The Game said...

You try so hard to make a valid point...its so cute.

When a judge makes a ruling based on the constitution I can live with it even if it kind of sucks. They based it on free speech, and since I thought that back when the law was passed I cant really complain when the SCOTUS agrees with me.

It would be nice to not see so many stupid ads on TV that no one listens too after about three days, but that is how it goes..
If there was a way to have them regulated for accuracy I would be for that..but then who decides what is accurate?

Jim said...

Based on what Constitution? Where in the Constitution does it say that a legal entity created by laws has the rights of a person?

OK with you that foreign-owned corporations can plunk as much money into political campaigns as they want? China and Russia buying elections? Maybe even Hugo Chavez?

You're OK with that?