Tuesday, January 05, 2010

County is falling behind on park maintenance, audit says

Park maintenance also has slacked off. The report found that spending on park operations peaked at $72.4 million in 1976 and hit a low of about $21 million in 2004. Those figures were also adjusted for inflation. The decline was blamed on competing demands for scarce resources, with parks losing out to mandated public safety and social services.

I was waiting for that line. Once again, the fewer and fewer who pay the taxes get less and less from them and the larger and larger number of people who get things given to them take more and more

I wonder why hard working responsible people keep leaving the cities?
Oh, maybe because when they pay taxes they want them to go for things of their benefit.
And the moron liberal who wants to say "helping the needy is a benefit to everyone" does not have the ability to understand that liberal social programs do not help anyone.


Scorpion said...

The park system no longer is a priority..meeting the social services mandates from the state is
where our tax dollars mainly go....
and it will continue to get worse..
the parks and how the tax dollars are spent...