Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Economists see no stimulus jobs

I know all the reports of companies being forced to say they created jobs with stimulus money even when they didn't was not enough to convince you...
All the stories of Obama officials making up different numbers didn't..
The unemployment rate didn't

Maybe this?
I doubt it..liberals can never admit that their programs are always huge failures that cost billions and in this case, a trillion dollars.

Thanks to all of you who voted for Obama..I think you should be required to write checks until we get a trillions dollars back...


Jim said...

You all keep claiming that the stimulus bill was a trillion dollars in spending.

Just ain't true. The entire bill was $787 Billion (which in case you can't count, is NOT a trillion dollars) of which $300 Billion was TAX CUTS meaning only $487 Billion was spending.

The Game said...

first of all, how about this Jim:
True Cost of Stimulus: $3.27 Trillion

The first "tax cut" is for 116 billion and goes mostly to people who do not pay any taxes..so again, I said many times that a tax cut to people who do not pay taxes is a "liberal tax cut" and does not work..but we are used to liberal programs not working...

Here is what 268 billion of the "tax cuts" goes for:
Remove dollar caps on the 30 percent residential credit for solar thermal, geothermal and small wind property.

Man...you are really getting smoked on this one..I'll stop here..if you dont know how badly I have beaten you then adding the other not-tax cuts will not help

The Game said...

while at the same time. the ONLY, ONLY part of the "stimulus" bill that might have actually worked has less than 50 billion in it..transportation jobs...building stuff

So Bush does an economic recovery..real cutting taxes, we create millions of jobs..
A liberal does a stimulus, we spend a trillion dollars and create no jobs.

That is why we have to get these people out...let him run ACORN or something...

Anonymous said...

Bush created the fewest number of jobs since Hoover. What sources do you have that claim Bush created millions of jobs?

Jim said...

The $3.27 Trillion dollars is absurd and the Heritage Foundation article's whole reasoning coming up with that number is bogus.

In essence it says that spending from the stimulus bill becomes a running expense over 10 years because you have to keep funding the same programs at the same levels. That might be true if the Stimulus bill was the annual budget.

This is false and phony reasoning. The Stimulus bill is a one-time Act providing funds for specific spending.