Thursday, January 21, 2010

Liberals must still feel comfortable showing their true colors

No doubt in a few months Dems will do what they always do right before election time, pretend they are conservative so they can get elected.

We have seen that anytime a Dem does whatever they want without fear of being found out for what they really are...there is a huge backlash..
Last time it happened was in 1994 and that wasn't even really Dems being Dems all the way...
I think 2010 might make '94 look like nothing.
But for some reason Dems still think they can do what they really want:

To Obama's credit, he ran as a hard-core liberal with Clinton-like flashy speeches, enough American's were unable to understand what liberals in power actually meant..and Obama delivered on SOME of his liberalism..the country is turning on him.
Just think if he would have went all the way?