Sunday, February 14, 2010

Honored teacher added to MPS casualty list

This should make you sick...

But we do as we always good deed goes unpunished.
In a urban school district you take away the good teachers and principals from the few schools that perform at or above what the 'burbs do..
Why? Because its not fair to the other schools..the ones with the kids who come from homes that are hard up on their luck..
No, we don't care about high achieving kids from good homes and parents who care..
We will continue to force out any kid who has any chance of going to college or being successful, we need to give all our attention on the schools where you have less than 10% of the parents come to parent-teacher conferences..where the kids never get above a 4th grade reading level (average reading level of a HS freshman)
Of course you need to do everything you can to help the kids who get none from anywhere else, but do we always have to keep dumping on the best schools, the highest achieving kids...can we help them out a little?

And you wonder why things are the way they are...

Best lines of the article:

Here's one principle I would suggest for beginning the discussion in Milwaukee: If the goal is to increase the number of high-quality schools, the first thing to do is to not mess up the top-performing schools we already have. You don't build quality by going backward. Does it sound right to reward academic success with a financial punch in the nose?

The kind of days you want kids to have in school - rigorous, warm, filled with a wide range of subjects, well-shaped and well-directed, led by adults who are talented and skilled and present in appropriate numbers - are becoming rarer, not just in Milwaukee, but across Wisconsin.

The middle class - especially white families - moved from Milwaukee in huge numbers in the 1970s and 1980s. There isn't much middle class left in the city. Situations such as the one at Garland could well be another motivator for those who are left to either move or find schools outside MPS.


Scorpion said...

No Physical Education..and start chopping jobs of the people doing the real dirty work...the classroom teachers..this certainly sounds like a formula for improvement demanded by the state superintendent...not!! Why not stick forty in a classroom and ask why students aren't improving..what
an awful situation getting worse...