Friday, March 26, 2010

NB 45 bridge through Zoo closed until Memorial Day

So, Democrat Jim Doyle raids the transportation fund every year

Decides to widen the freeway somewhere else instead
Does nothing to fix the most used interchange in the entire state of Wisconsin

Are you people finally tired of letting these people run the state, especially those of you who can no longer get where you want to go?


TerryN said...

Hey come on. It's not like they're not making any improvements. Why I hear tell that Doyle, supported by the Wisconsin Democratic Party, is planning to spend $800,000,000 on a train from Milwaukee to the Madison airport.

I'm certain this will relieve the parking congestion at Mitchell. Maybe they'll paint the train green too. Oh boy!

Scorpion said...

If the dullard Doyle and the boob Barrett weren't so pitiful and incompetent the decision making would almost be laughable..the problem is all drivers needing these routes aren't going to be laughing and happy any time soon...