Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Postal Service Moves Toward Five-Day Delivery

This is exactly what is going to happen in regards to our health care..

Higher costs with lower service...


Anonymous said...

True, but in the case of the USPS, I think this is a good idea.

The world has changed, and so must the service.

For those that really need Saturday delivery, you can get a P.O. Box.

In another decade we will be down to three days a week - I cannot even complain about that.

The difference is that this is just mail and we have better ways to deliver important information.

So, while these are service cuts, they will strike the proper balance between service frequency and cost.

We have already been making these choices. We can pay most of our bills online and pay no postage.

We can take online statements instead of a mailed version.

We can make these choices and weigh their value as opposed to the ever increasing price of postage.

None of these rules apply to health care. This is the biggest problem with what Congress has done.

We will no longer be able to make these choices. The government will weigh all costs and benefits.

Those we elect will try to reduce costs by cutting payments to a certain point and then work to convince the public that taxes must be raised.

In this constant dance of reducing payments for service and raising taxes to fund the system, the system will spiral into an endless cycle of mediocrity.

This is the commoditization of medicine both in terms of the providers and the patients.

Excellence will be little more than a memory.

Scorpion said...

The efforts of our greatest generation will also be nothing more than ancient history...actually sad watching the dismantling of what has been in place during my lifetime...

TerryN said...