Friday, April 16, 2010

American's against the Dems at every turn just about everywhere...

favor repeal of Obamacare 58-38

support offshore drilling (not Obama's limited lame attempt) 72-12
Generic ballot republican wins 45-36

Senate polls (republican up)
AZ: 54-32
recall NJ Senator Menendez 39-34
Boxer is only up 43-41 in California!!!
Penn: 50-40
Louisiana: 52-36
NH: 50-35
IL: 41-37 Ha ha
Missouri 48-42
CO: 49-38
KY: 53-33
NV 54-39 ha ha ha
OH: 43-38
FL: 48-34

Bloodbath 2010!!! Coming soon to a town year you!!!


Jim said...

And yet the first election post-health care is won by a Democrat.

Bloodbath? We'll see.

Anonymous said...

You're batting about .100 on your predictions. It's a good thing you're not the gambling type.

Jim said...

Generic ballot republican wins 45-36

And yet put each and every one of your Republican candidates up against Obama and he beats every one of them.

Go figure.

The Game said...

Which race did a Dem win..curious to see what close race from a swing district or something like that you are talking about..

The Game said...

and takes balls to stick your neck out and can't even say who you are...