Thursday, April 01, 2010

California's last auto plant shuts its doors

Of course this is just a coincidence, that the state with the most people and the most liberal policies (anti-business, anti-economy, anti-job creation) has NO car manufacturing jobs..

And their solution...apply for federal money...

Is any of this sinking in America?
Maybe not, maybe so many Americans are already helpless and need the govt to take care of them that they like what is happening...


TerryN said...

WUWM had an interesting report last Sunday about the factors leading up to it's demise. The UAW ran roughshod over GM forcing it to close in the 1980's. Interviews with former employees cited a drug and alcohol addled workforce and the UAW encouraging grievances so they could further screw GM.

After the Toyota/GM venture the story was the same UAW leadership and GM's attitude that it couldn't learn from an "upstart" Japanese auto company.

RIP American manufacturing. It's a competitive world, as it should be.