Thursday, May 20, 2010

Miller perfectly describes Obama

Dennis Miller PERFECTLY described President Obama's attitude about American today:

On Barack Obama's worst day he is ashamed of America
On his best day he is embarrassed by it.
Can he be proud of America, sure, but only when he gets it exactly the way he wants it...(I'll add..when its socialist)


Jim said...

Dennis Miller used to be funny. Now he's just wrong.

On Barack Obama's worst day he is ashamed of America

Pure hateful supposition with no basis in fact. None.

On his best day he is embarrassed by it

See above.

Can he be proud of America[?]

Sure he can and he is. Does that mean he can't want it to be better? Don't you?

The Game said...

Why is it, Jim, that when a foreign leader wants to Bash American, no matter how ridiculous, they use the exact same language Obama uses?
See Mexico and Arizona immigration law...

Jim said...

What does that mean? You seem to suggest that if a foreign leader is "bashing" America and he uses the "exact same language" (what? English), that means Obama is bashing America?

I find that an extremely weak assertion on many levels, not the least of which your claim that Obama has ever bashed "America". I think it is safe to assume that there are historical policies of the American governments that could legitimately be criticized on many sides (slavery, Japanese-American internment, segregation, to name a few).

Have I just "bashed" America?

TerryN said...

The only way someone like Dennis Miller stops being funny is when you don't get the joke.

Good post Game...

Jim said...

I "get" the joke. It's just not funny. He's just playing to himself most of the time.

Bill Maher and Jon Stewart bash Obama all the time. And they make it funny. Miller apparently practices his routine in the stairwell. Even Coulter the clown is funnier than Miller, and she's not funny either.

Scorpion said...

Dennis Miller is not only still funny he is also becoming very accurate with his point of view.. no imagination in that...