Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Security slip let suspect on plane, near takeoff

Honestly, how many times do the "not ready for prime time players" get to completely mess up, show complete and total incompetence before anyone in the liberal media say ANYTHING about it.

You have a guy who tried to blow up NY city, buys a ticket to the middle east with cash, ONE WAY, is on a no fly list, and he is seconds away from escaping.

How does that happen?
It's bull and the adults need to get back in charge the hippie, liberal PC a-holes have ruined things long enough


Anonymous said...

Same questions I had after 9/11. Thankfully the bumbling didn't cost 3,000 lives this time...

The Blame Game

The Game said...

Okay, that was so so stupid I will actually comment.
The sad thing is that you really think that is the case.
You really think the terrible state of our FBI/CIA was Bush's fault. How sad and pathetic.
You have no idea that Clinton spent 8 years handcuffing them, putting up walls between them..It's all be documented here and everywhere else.
Bush's fault was that he did not fix it fast enough.

Now Obama is doing a Clinton but triple time. I'm not sure why liberals dislike the FBI/CIA and how homeland security so much.
It was Bush that kept us safe for the next 8 years but having great national security.
Obama has to run around blaming everyone else for his errors. "It's the airline's fault" "It's BP's fault"

This is what happens when you elect someone who has done nothing in their life AND that person is a hard core liberal socialist.