Thursday, June 03, 2010

Increase in minimum wage affects employers' hiring choices

Yet another example of liberals hurting the people they think they are helping.
I know they do not do it on purpose, they are simply unable to think long term or in complexities.
They raised the minimum wage last year, supposedly to help the guy supporting his entire family that works at McDonalds.
Instead, failed liberal policies take away jobs. Young people need these part time jobs to pay for college. That is what I did and its what most of them do.
Yes, moronic liberals will talk about the poor and disadvantaged that they helped by raising the minimum wage, which shows how dense they are.
They are then saying they are fine with someone working for minimum wage to support a family. That is their standard of excellence. That is how far they set the bar.
Once again they mess with capitalism, and in the process people lose jobs and businesses are no allowed to run the way they wan


Scorpion said...

But minimum wage jobs and summer employment jobs can make it look like unemployment totals are going down..the fictional things are getting better..IMAGINE that...