Friday, June 04, 2010

Obama: Economy 'getting stronger by the day'

This guy is no longer just an empty suit, he is a snake oil salesman.
Every single person in the country should be mad as hell, but we have many who will do or say anything to try and make this failure look good.
So you are counting temporary census jobs as a sign of a strengthen economy?
The fact that he says that and ignores the fact that millions can not find a good job should make everyone mad as hell.

He is letting the country go in the toilet, possibly in an attempt to grow the govt to a point that everyone relies on him for their livelihood.

This is not how America was founded or has ran for its history.
We are not a socialist nation.
Our President should not be so shameless and self-gratifying to say crap like this to look good.

Can you fix one f-ing thing? Just one?
Go back to shutting down half of our drilling capacity in the ocean so we can have thousands more without jobs...maybe you can give them all census jobs, idiot.